With today’s economy, a lot of people feel that traveling would put a huge burden on their finances. Sure, budget-friendly traveling is more than possible these days, but if you haven’t prepared anything and if you haven’t planned ahead, you might find yourself with not many options for your holiday. That’s why you can always look for UK holidays at parks like Haven and Park Dean for a fairly cheap staycation away.

You don’t have to spend your free days in front of the TV though. Staycations have become increasingly popular precisely because they offer a cheap holiday alternative and because they offer a good amount of fun at the same time too. What is a staycation and what are the best tips to keep in  mind when it comes to it? Read on and find out more:


Staycations – The Budget-Friendly Holidays

Staycations are vacations spent at home or within the close proximity of the home. An individual or family can be on a staycation, visit touristic attractions in the area they live in and then return home to sleep in their own beds. The costs of such a vacation are significantly decreased by the fact that there’s no need to pay for the accommodation and by the fact that transportation is cheaper as well.

Planning – the Key to a Perfect Staycation

Alright, you may not have had the time to plan for a budget trip to Disneyland or to Rome, but planning a staycation should not take that long. Since you will have to find attractions close to the place where you live and since you will not have to worry about accommodation and transportation, the time required to plan a staycation will be much less than that which would have been required to plan an actual vacation.

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Search for fun places in your area and if you have kids, allow them to chip in with ideas too. It’s more than certain that you are surrounded by a lot of things you either haven’t seen or you haven’t seen in a long time, so they will surely provide you with tons of fun. Make sure to plan something entertaining for every day of your staycation, just as you would when going on vacation!


The Staycation Mood

One of the major downfalls of “going” on a staycation is related to the fact that you will be tempted to believe that you are still at home. Some people will go in to work for a couple of hours a day, others will simply continue their lives and they will run your errands.

However, a staycation is not about that. You should treat your staycation the same way as you would treat your vacation. Don’t do the laundry, don’t run the errands and don’t go to work. After all, you wouldn’t do all these things if you were on an actual vacation, would you?

Save Money on Your Staycation

With a bit of attention to detail and with minimum planning, you can have a wonderful staycation even if you don’t have a lot of money. Keep your eyes open to “hunt” for deals, be money-savvy and have fun – the key ingredients to a budget-friendly staycation!