Once you pick out your bedspread, furniture, appliances, and other key components for your new home, you are left with very little money to spend on the TV and technology that you desire. TV packages, home phone options, and even security systems can be added to your house with the help of a few money-saving tips that will make them more affordable.

Search for Specials

Companies constantly offer special deals in order to gain new customers. A Security System offered by ADT, for example, is free of charge when you pay an installation charge and purchase alarm monitoring services. A $100 Visa gift card is also received for choosing any security plan. These special deals help you save money so you can get the security system you desire to keep your home safe.


Choose Free Install Options

Many cable companies allow you to receive free installation when you open an account. You simply have to sign up, and you can wait for the first monthly bill before having to send in any type of payment. The company will come out for free to install a cable box, modem, router, or other necessary device so you can begin using your services immediately.

Bundle Up

A large number of businesses help you save money by offering bundle deals. You can bundle up your services from one company in order to save on costs. One main instance of this involves cable, Internet, and home phone. A provider will lower the fee if you agree to use all three of these services. There are usually numerous options involved, such as bundling cable and Internet only, or Internet and home phone. Whatever you may choose, the price will be lower than using one company for one service, and a different company for another.

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Pick Your Plan

Even when you bundle, there are various plans to choose from. It is always wise to sort through the plans a business has to offer and determine which one is the most affordable for you, yet still includes everything you want. For a security system, for example, you can choose a less costly plan that still offers monitoring, a digital keypad, a high-decibel alarm, and a yard sign. It is on the basic side, but all the important aspects are still included that will keep your home safe. You can increase your plan slightly by upping to the next option, which also includes 2-way voice capability. While the premium protection, which includes all of this and much more, is nice, it is not necessary if you do not have the money to purchase it as this time. Picking the basic plan will save you money while still keeping you covered.


Consider Cash or Card

Many times, businesses reward customers who want to come in and pay with cash. They will sometimes knock off a fee if cash is used, as it gives them their money now, rather than making them wait to be sure it clears from a card. Using a credit or debit card is sometimes associated with a fee, making customers pay to use it. On the other hand, there are a few companies out there that don’t mind if you pay by card, and offer no incentive either way. It is best to speak to the company you are obtaining a service from, and see what fees they have in terms of paying by cash or card. This will help you make your consideration against which is best in that particular instance, and help you save on money for fees that are avoidable.

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TV and technology are some of the more expensive options you have to choose for your home, as they typically involve monthly fees that have to be paid regularly. In order to save on money, you should consider these five tips that will help you find some more affordable options.