Marketing is a career that involves creating interest in an organization’s products and services, and influencing potential customers to purchase a particular company’s products over those of a competitor. Using various media such as newspapers and magazines, online platforms, television and radio and social media, marketers disseminate information about an enterprise’s products and services, mention the benefits that consumers will accrue from purchasing a particular item and convince potential buyers to consistently choose a particular brand over others.

Marketing is a growing career, and industry experts predict an annual growth of 9% up to the year 2024, which is higher than the average growth for other occupations. You will typically need a diploma or degree for most marketing positions and professionals in this field are increasingly taking advantage of the internet to earn their marketing degree online. Marketing is an exciting career, offering myriad benefits and opportunities for growth to professionals in the field. Below are a few reasons why everyone should consider a career in marketing:


  1. Growing prospects: as mentioned earlier, marketing is expected to experience an annual growth of 9% annually through 2024, which means that jobs will remain available for anyone with expertise in this field.
  2. Good remuneration: Marketers earn good salaries even at the entry level. With some experience and specialization in niche marketing, you can even become a marketing manager earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, more and more respected institutions are offering top of the line online marketing degrees to professionals who want to further their occupations while maintaining their current jobs so they can gain higher positions.
  3. High Demand: Many organizations, regardless of whether they make products and services for profit or exist to provide benevolent services in the nonprofit sector need the correct exposure in order to reach their target audience. This means that marketers will continue to be in demand well into the future in order to meet the needs of various types of organizations.
  4. Flexibility: Marketers can use their skills across a variety of industries and in a number of different roles. Whether you prefer to work behind the scenes designing ad campaigns, or prefer to be at the forefront meeting customers and other stakeholders, marketing provides you with the skills designed to meet the challenges in each situation.
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You can also choose to work in the fast paced advertising and corporate world, or work for an organization whose causes are close to your heart. Whatever the case, your marketing skills can open the door to the career of your dreams.

  1. Diversity: Marketing roles are not confined to designing ad campaigns, sending out emails to potential customers or distributing flyers at the mall. With many roles such as social media consultant, lead generator, VP of sales and many others, you can find something that fits your exact skills and preferences and choose a role that helps you to perform at your best.
  2. Creative license: Marketing roles can help you tap into your creative resources and come up with an end product that is uniquely yours. For instance, you can put your art skills to use in designing posters and banners that bring out the essence of a particular product, thus convincing more people to purchase it and driving up the sales for your organization.
  3. Social interaction: Marketing offers great opportunities to meet new people, which is great for social butterflies and people looking to expand their networks for career growth and business opportunities.

Marketing is a career that is poised to experience above average growth and provide jobs consistently for new entrants well into the second decade of the 21st century. If you are looking for an exciting career with good remuneration, flexibility and good job prospects, then you cannot go wrong with marketing.