If you own a car, you might be interested in learning more about how you can improve the car’s performance and driving. In this guide, you’ll acquire tips on ensuring the performance of your car has improved.


  1. Clean It Out


For starters, you need to reduce the weight of your car by getting rid of any clutter. You may remove the sports equipment, gym bags, unnecessary tools, and textbooks and store them in the house. Each of these items doesn’t weigh as much; however, when you add the cumulative weight, you’ll realize that such items are heavy, and your car’s fuel efficiency will be affected. To acquire the same performance level, you’ll burn more fuel.


  1. Focus on the Car’s Maintenance


If the air filter is clogged, you need to replace it. The same case applies to worn-out spark plugs. When you maintain your car well, you’ll notice a considerable difference in performance. The car tires should also have the right pressure if you want the car to operate efficiently. Also, ensure the tires are well aligned. If you’re not sure about any of these things, liaise with a reputable mechanic, and they will ensure everything is in check. You can also acquire your pressure gauge considering the ones at the petrol station may be inaccurate. A decent tire pressure gauge is affordable.


  1. Acquire Quality Tyres


It is important to liaise with people who know more about cars since they can guide you on the best performance upgrade for your car, which is tires. Acquire tires with a better grip since they help brake, turn, and accelerate at ease. Tires with low rolling resistance are also easy to spin, and you’ll save on fuel. When replacing your tires, carry out enough research, and you’ll find the best set depending on your needs.

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You may assume that winter tires are only suitable for ice-covered surfaces. That may be true; nonetheless, you need to understand that they perform better on dry surfaces than other tire types. If you’re thinking of acquiring a new set of tires, winter tires are a viable option.


  1. Upgrade the Sway Bar


Polyurethane bushings ensure that the suspension geometry is where it should be, and your car’s handling will improve. Unfortunately, to replace the bushings, you’ll need some special tools apart from one area, which is the sway bar links. They are held with bolts, which means you can easily swap them.


To decrease the body roll, get sway bars that are thicker, and your car can maneuver corners better. They’re not as hard to install.


  1. Install a Short Shifter


If your car has a manual transmission, the speed of the shifts is determined by the distance you need to move the shifter and how easily you’ll find the gear you require. Short shifters will improve these factors by moving the pivot point in a bid to decrease the mechanical advantage of the shifter. The length of the throws will reduce, and the notchiness of every gear engagement will increase, which means you’ll be confident that you’re shifting accordingly. You can access everything from within the cabin.


How well you maintain your car is the key determinant to whether your performance and driving will improve. Take care of your car well, and it will take care of you!

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