It is mandatory for all eligible nationals from the People’s Republic of China who are holders of 10-year B-category(B1, B2 or B1/B2) visa types to possess a valid EVUS enrollment before entry to the United States for temporary tourism or business purposes. Citizens from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau visiting on PRC’s visa area also supposed to enroll for EVUS as the plan to travel to the U.S.  Other countries that are scheduled to be enlisted as EVUS countries are Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina among others, as they will also be required to be using this automated travel system. Travelers intending to travel to the United States must submit an EVUS enrollment at any given time.

EVUS enrollment entails submission of basic biographical information on a user-friendly platform, and this ensures that their travel process does not suffer delays. This process takes about 20 minutes while responses may take up to 72 hours upon submission of the required information. It is always advisable to enroll for EVUS at the beginning of travel plans to avoid uncertainties as for the U.S. Customs, and Border Protection cannot guarantee a maximum processing time.

Once applicants have acquired a valid EVUS visa update, they have compliance to travel to the U.S. multiple times over a period of two consecutive years until their visa or passport expires, whichever comes first. This is because EVUS visa application or enrollment is valid for two years.

Once the enrollment expires, applicants will be required to re-apply for EVUS and update their biographical information before the next scheduled travel to the U.S. If the applicants’ EVUS visa expires after they have been admitted to the United States, their departure is usually not affected since EVUS enrollment is only valid at the time of their arrival at the port of entry. For travelers who are to have multiple flights en-route to the U.S., their EVUS enrollment is verified at the check-in for their first flight. This also applies to the travelers seeking to enter the U.S. through a land or sea port of entry.

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Since the enrollment is mandatory for all Chinese nationals traveling to the U.S., EVUS platform is in both English and Chinese languages. EVUS enrollment questions must be answered in English except in exceptional cases that are expressly required to be answered in the native language.

For a successful loading of the EVUS website, applicants intending to enroll should ensure that they have the most recent version of their internet browser that can support 128-bit encryption, able to accept cookies, and be JavaScript enabled. A nominal fee is implied upon EVUS enrollment. This is meant to cover the cost of running the system, and this is implemented by the CPB.