Barcelona is a stylish, cosmopolitan city that attracts students from all over the world for graduate studies. It’s endowed with numerous high-end tech businesses, biomedical companies as well as fascinating architecture. The wide range of Masters degree programs in Barcelona administered in English is enough to match the needs and interests of most local and international students. This ranges from business, economics, fashion and design, architecture, engineering, tourism and hospitality, cultural studies among others. These programs make the students be all-around in the area of specialization giving them a competitive edge in the corporate world.

Global Business School in Barcelona is a leading institution that offers Masters programs in English with much orientation on international business management making managers have an extensive navigation area in a global business setup. If you possess a bachelor’s degree in any of the mentioned areas, you can build your professional network and knowledge base through several Masters degrees In English in Barcelona offered in various institutions.

Students from Spain and Europe prefer GBSB due to the rich focus on business cultures from outside Europe while from Asian, Latin American countries among other parts of the world have a chance to learn the eccentricity of international business models in Europe. The elective business courses help the students to tailor their masters programs fitting their personal and professional interests.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality(OSTELEA) offer Masters International Tourism Management designed to equip professional and executives with skills to lead business projects in the tourism sector. It’s administered both in English and Spanish ranked among the top 100 masters in the world. This also offers professional internships in companies and institutions related to the sector.

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Masters In Design And Art Direction in Escuela Superior de Diseño will help you visualize creativity and create persuasiveness in one’s ideas which are essential in any part of industrial communication action. It’s increasingly becoming complex in determining the limits of this program owing to the evolution of the media, technology, and social networks. If you happen to be an Art Director, this is a perfect environment to learn how to tell an idea at the visual level.

The University of San Francisco offers Masters in Global Entrepreneurial Management that combines a direct exposure to multinational entrepreneurial firms with a cohort of international students that provides a vast of global business skills for success. This program offers business cultural lens revealing successful, creative and innovative business practices in Barcelona, Taipei and San Francisco.

Masters in Digital Solutions Development Barcelona Technology School is ideal for those that have a craving for the Digital industry. This program is aligned with the technology and programming skills that digital establishments require developing creative technological solutions. These are meant to increase business efficiencies in all aspects including analysis, design development, implementation, and evaluation of systems.

The Master in Accounting and Financial Management at UPF Barcelona School of Management with a specialty in International Finance widens the financial and accounting thinking especially about companies with an international presence. This deepens global financial reporting standard skills, aspects related to the international financing operations, and management control systems of multinational enterprises.