The average package holiday in Europe costs around £1600 for a family of four, and this figure is steadily rising. Each year it becomes more difficult to organise a trip, with minimal hassle and for a reasonable price. When it comes to family holidays, chances are you’re restricted by time – for both travel & organising the trip, you might feel obliged to organise the vacation months in advance, but this might not be the best option! Read on as we explore 5 of the best ways to save money on your next family holiday:

1. Choose a reputable travel comparison website

Before committing to a holiday package, it’s important that you spend some time shopping around. Look at different travel agents and the packages available and make notes of the best deals for your chosen location. In addition, you should look at reputable comparison sites, like Compare & Choose, where you can parallel deals from a wide range of different holiday providers.

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2. Sign up to alerts/ follow social pages

Travel agents often promote last minute holiday deals on their social media pages and via email alert systems. Following these alerts is a great way to snap up a last-minute deal, without the added agro of comparing a tonne of different packages.

3. Go all inclusive

Whilst you might secure a great ‘board-only’ holiday deal, once you get there you’ll find yourself forking out a small fortune on meals, treats and drinks. Kids wanting ice-cream on the beach, your other half getting carried away with the beverages on the evening. If this sounds familiar, then you might be better off looking for All Inclusive Holidays. You’ll save a tonne on those little extra’s when you’re away.

4. Be flexible

Flexibility and family holidays don’t exactly go hand in hand, but the more adaptable you can be – the better! Whether it’s the time you fly, duration you go away for, or where you go, a flexible approach to holiday booking is the best way to get a good deal.

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5. DIY  

Whilst package holidays are convenient and hassle free, sometimes they aren’t the best option for your bank balance. You should check out the cost of booking accommodation and flights separately, as this will allow you to tweak the days you fly based on the best price, plus booking directly through the hotel often costs less than going through a third party.