Travel broadens the mind, and the prospect of exotic adventures abroad will appeal to everyone at some point. However; many people allow their dreams of foreign travel to wither on the vine due to financial constraints. The thought of travelling the world might seem out of reach, but it is actually achievable with a little know-how.

berlin-630640_1280 Flights

The secret to global travel on a budget is flexibility: keeping to a strict itinerary can result in increased travel costs. Taking advantage of last-minute cancellations is an excellent way of getting cheap flights, so being flexible about the destination can really save money.

Similarly, being prepared to travel outside peak times is a winning strategy: weekday flights are always cheaper than weekend flights and travelling outside the school holidays is a must to save cash. Flights at unsociable times are also usually cheaper.

Travel apps such as Skyscanner are an excellent tool for getting an overview of global flights: their ‘everywhere’ function allows travellers to see the flights leaving from any airport anywhere in the world, so being able to mix and match flights or save money by taking indirect flights can really help travellers get further for less.

Being prepared to travel light can make the difference in flight prices too. Taking hand luggage only can take advantage of the prices of cheaper airline carriers. Similarly, avoiding expensive airline food and bringing packed lunches can help to stretch the travel budget. After all, the reason for travelling the world is very seldom the prospect of flying!

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ship-952292_1280 Accommodation

Global travel should be about experiencing new things, so the choice of hotel should be secondary to actually getting to the destination. However; saving money on hotels is a possibility with package deals that include the hotel as part of the flight. Websites such as include a selection of voucher codes that offer cheap deals on packaged holidays and discounts on hotels.

For those who just want to get there, taking advantage of hostels and cheap hotel accommodation can not only help to save money but also help to heighten the experience. Cheaper accommodation is often located in places where travellers can see more of the native culture, whereas expensive hotels are often in the more tourist-orientated parts of cities.

Accommodation is another area where being prepared to be flexible is key. Hotels also suffer cancellations, so simply approaching the reception desk and asking may help to secure a cheap room. There has also been a recent increase in the demand for private accommodation, and many people now offer spare rooms or flats for holiday lets or temporary accommodation. Flat swaps with friends are another great idea for travelling on a budget.

pikes-peak-959523_1280Day-to-Day Living

The best way to have an exotic foreign adventure is by living like the locals. Avoiding expensive restaurants and using local bistros can save on the food bill, and living off street food is a great way to experience both the culture and local cuisine.

Avoiding taxis and using local transport is always the best and cheapest way to seen the sights, and this will take advantage of any city travel cards or travel discounts available.

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Many cities also offer tourist cards with a selection of local attractions included in the price, so visiting the local tourist office can help to preserve the budget.

Travelling should be about the experience, so being flexible will help travellers to make the most of the adventure by taking each day as it comes. Round-the-world travel may need not cost the Earth, and the best advice for those considering global travel is; just do it. The memories of the experience will last a lifetime.