Long gone are the days when traveling was considered to be almost impossibly expensive. These days, more and more people realize that traveling is not about how much money you spend, but about the experienced you go through. Thus, they also realize that budget traveling is more than possible, especially if they are determined and if they actually want to see amazing places.

One of the ways in which you can save money with your traveling is by paying attention to how you purchase plane tickets. Following, we have gathered some of the very best tips on how to save money on flights – so if you are interested in finding out more, make sure to read on.


Timing Is Extremely Important

Find the perfect time to book your tickets and you can save a ton of money.  In general, flying off-season is cheaper than flying in full season (during the summer, during the winter holidays, and so on). However, keep in mind that this is not all  there is when it comes to saving money on flights. Choosing the right days of the week to fly can also be a great way to save some money too (usually, flying mid-week is much cheaper than flying during the weekend). Last, but definitely not least, booking your tickets 6-8 weeks in advance or 2-3 weeks in advance can also save you some money too.

Earn Miles

An airline credit card or a credit card emitted by a company that collaborates with an airline can also save you money – especially if you travel a lot. The more you travel, the more “miles” or “points” you earn. Eventually, they can be converted into discounts for plane tickets and, sometimes, they can even be converted in 100% free tickets as well.

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Be Well-Informed

Thanks to technology, you can get regular alerts when airlines are selling their plane tickets with discounts. Use these alerts to “hunt” for great deals and you will end up seeing a lot of absolutely stunning places and save money seeing them too. What could be better than this?

Don’t Settle for One Company Only

When buying a plane ticket, make sure to shop around. The difference between various airline companies can be staggering. When you travel a lot, every dollar saved can make a huge difference, so shopping around will surely provide you with a lot of benefits. It may take a bit more time before you book your tickets, but when you see how much money you have saved, you will be more than happy to spend your time this way.


Be Very Much Aware of the Extra Fees

Paying extras is quite commonly encountered with various airlines, but you should still be aware of just how much you have to pay for each of these “extras”. Do your homework and learn more about how you can lower these costs. For instance, if you usually have to pay extra for your luggage, learn how to pack smaller and more efficiently too. At first, this may not seem like saving a lot of money, but every dollar will eventually add up.