You might think that the UK has a pretty stable population, with people being born, living and then becoming old in one place – the town or city in which they were born, but this is not always the case. While those with large families do tend to stay put, many people make strategic moves during their lifetimes – for good schools or for their careers. Others just move just once, when they retire, having saved up for much of their lives to be able to afford to retire to a small, but comfortable home in a beautiful part of the country. And when it comes to Devon and Cornwall, they often top leagues of most desirable retirement destinations. Why are Devon and Cornwall so popular with the elderly, apart from the pull of living in one of the most beautiful places on Earth? 

There Are Lots of Other Elderly People There 

Because other older folk live in Cornwall and Devon, this encourages others to pick the areas as suitable places to retire to. The reasons for that initial influx of the elderly will be covered shortly, but knowing that an area is well-suited to elderly residents can help people make a decision on where they want to spend the rest of their lives once they stop working and have time to indulge themselves a little more, because they will know that medical care for geriatric patients, mobility aids, and even nursing and care homes will be plentiful when they have need for them. 

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It’s the English Riviera 

Cornwall and Devon have long been known as a holiday destination because of its gentle climate which boasts mild winters and long hot summers, which are lovely for old bones that tend to ache and grumble in frostier temperatures. Torbay in Devon has even been nicknamed ‘the English Riviera’ for its wonderful weather. The area is also absolutely beautiful, with turquoise waters and wonderfully quaint old-fashioned shops and houses. 

Fulfilling a Retirement Dream 

Working for years at a bank or retail concern, seeing little in the way of greenery or seaside blue water and golden sand, and keeping one’s nose to the grindstone is a worthwhile pursuit when one is raising children, paying off the mortgage and salting away enough money for a comfortable retirement – a retirement that cries out for a gentler, less urbanised way of life. Cornwall and Devon are perfect as retirement destinations, offering green, lush countryside, coastal walks and beach, lots of wild places to explore (many with mobility access for older patrons), old-fashioned tea shops and, generally, a slower pace of life 

Tempt the Children and Grandchildren to Visit! 

If your family is quite widespread, they are far more likely to want to come and spend time with granny and grandpa if there are plenty of exciting things to do 

and places to see while they visit! This also works if you need to give up your independent living and take up residence in a care home, giving you plenty of scope for days out with the family without any need to fuss about catering for them or putting them up in your own home. Find out more about care homes in Somerset here and find the one that best suits your retirement dreams. 

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And, of course, before you decide upon Cornwall or Devon, you will have to settle a very important question: do scones take the cream first or the jam? Your answer might well help you decide which county gets your vote – the two counties hold opposing views and there is a (mostly) friendly rivalry on the question!