Online slots are the simplest and most favored casino games for many gamblers. Since online casinos are accessible throughout the day, players think there is a certain best time to increase the chances of hitting the jackpot. But these games come with a range of myths that lure players. They often fall into the trap and, unfortunately, lose more than winning. Frequently buzzing belief on the top slot sites like they pay more at night is actually one of the most common myths. 

Why isn’t it right? Here we’ll explain in detail. 

Why Doesn’t Time Matter?

  • Return to Player

The outcome of your game mostly depends on the Return To Player. Higher the RTP more will be your possibilities of hitting the fortune. For instance, RTP of top slot sites like Mega Joker and 1429 Uncharted Seas. In fact, it’s one of the standard features casino players look into before choosing any slot game. 

All slot machines have their specific RTP, which most importantly does not alter as per the time or game you are playing. It signifies there is no best time to reel a particular slot machine as your chances of winning remain constant based on its payout.

  • Number of Available Gamblers

Often, the RTP at nighttime can be more as compared to the day due to a number of players reeling the slot machine on the casino site at night. However, it is not always the same. When the players are more in the day, you’ll see a spike in RTP and may earn more money that time too.

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So, there can be a possibility of winning more at night only if there are enough players on the same slot machines. Otherwise, daytime can also offer you equal opportunities to hit the jackpot. 

  • Volatility

One more good indicator of winning is the slot’s volatility, i.e., high and low volatility. The low volatility rate leads to frequent winning in small amounts. On the other hand, the slot games with the high volatility offer the least frequent payout chances but a high winning amount. 

Thus, slot games’ volatility ought to work as a guide to boost your odds of winning. You can choose to play on a low volatility slot machine to win several small amounts or on a high volatility slot game with a chance to make a fortune.

Final Words…

No need to think that playing at a specific time will influence the result of your slot game. Simply saying playing at night does not matter. Slot machines are programmed to pay based on a math model, through oodles of spins and, of course, your luck. Not as per the time on your clock. They might pay out differently if the slot machine is crowded, but there isn’t any assurance that you’ll surely succeed at night. RTP and volatility are the primary factors to consider while choosing slots. It’s a game of luck that holds your way to success. In short, reel the slot when you feel lucky, regardless of the duration of the day.