Although basements are known to be dark, damp, and dingy, more people are renovating the spaces to have more square footage. Basements can be used in a variety of ways, which can contribute to your lifestyle and allow you to get more use out of the home. There are a few important tips to follow if you want to get started on a basement remodel, whether you plan to use it for entertaining or as a place your kids can play.

Consider the Flooring Material

Most basements have concrete on the floor, which can be functional but can also make the space feel cold and unwelcoming. Although hardwood floors are a popular flooring material, they don’t hold up well if a flood ever occurs in the space. Opt for installing carpet, which offers more warmth and is also a more affordable option.

Plan the Layout in Advance

One of the first steps to take during a remodel is to plan the layout, which will give you redirection on what you need to purchase and install. The main area of the room where people will spend the most time should be the space that gets the most light. The television can be in an area where there’s less light to prevent any glare on the screen.

Perform an Inspection

Before you start to renovate the space, perform a thorough inspection to discover any areas where repairs may be needed. Start by looking for moisture by taping plastic sheets to the walls and floors to discover if any condensation forms after a few weeks. The foundation may need to be sealed if water forms.

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It’s also important to look at the floor joints to discover if any sagging is present. You’ll also need to hire a professional to check the ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating in the space when you use the fuel-burning equipment.

Add Insulation

The basement can become cold and difficult to spend time in during the fall and winter seasons. Installing insulation can allow residents to feel more comfortable spending time in the environment without relying too much on the HVAC system. Insulation can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 40 percent and will allow you to control the temperature throughout the year. Spray foam is known to deliver the best results and is the highest quality of insulation available.

Illuminate the Space

Adding as much lighting as possible is crucial when renovating the basement to ensure it’s functional and cheery. Although adding floor lamps may be convenient, they won’t be as effective in larger spaces. Opt for installing built-in recessed lights, which work well in rooms with low ceilings.

Select the Furniture

Choosing the furniture for your basement is slightly different than the items you’d used in the rest of your home. Avoid purchasing expensive furnishings because it’s not the main part of the home. Consider purchasing second hand products online to ensure your kids can freely play in the space, or you can host a party without worrying too much if spills occur.

Adding a rug can also add a cozy touch and incorporate more warmth into the basement to make it feel like an extension of the rest of the house.

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Knowing the steps needed to remodel your basement can allow you to have a smoother and more successful remodel project. It can allow you to have creativity while creating a habitable and comfortable space, which will offer functionality and even boost the value of your home.