How much is your home costing you? If you’re tired of wasting your wages and want to start saving, take a look at our tips and tricks below and make some simple changes around your home today:

Freeze leftovers

Cooked a meal for the family but overestimated how much you need? Throwing leftovers away is a big mistake, as you can eat them for other meals — like lunch the following day, for example. However, one of the main grumbles is eating the same thing two days in a row.

If you’d rather space out your leftovers, you may be able to store it in Tupperware boxes in your freezer. This is usually possible with curries, soup and pasta, although you should always check that it is safe to freeze and reheat your dishes.


Improve the efficiency of appliances

You may not realise it but over time, your appliances can become less efficient. While this may simply be a result of age, when it comes to kettles, your boiler and other kitchen appliances, limescale could become an interfering factor.

Limescale forms from hard water, clinging to the pipes, taps and appliances it comes into contract with. Over time, this can cause damage to internal parts, which can lead to a hefty repair bill. If you do have hard water in your area, there are steps you can take to prevent limescale from forming and reduce your household expense further down the line.

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Cistermiser manufactures Combimate, for example, which is a clever device that uses 100% safe material to inhibit limescale formation and keep your pipes and appliances in good working order.


Pay for what you get

If you have broadband, you may have been swayed by a clever salesman into signing up for the fastest — and most expensive — connection. However, while you may be paying extra each month, you may not be receiving the high-speed internet you were promised.

The average download speed in the UK is 17.8mbps. Use a speed checker to find out what speed is possible in your area and choose a package that suits accordingly. You’ll be surprised how much you can save.