We’re living in a digital era where everything from food and vegetables to apparel can be bought online through a smartphone or computer. Gold is no exception. These days almost all big Gold retail giants have online stores. 

Even e-commerce giants like Amazon have started selling gold jewellery online. However, buying gold isn’t the same as buying any other item for consumption. Gold has value. It is expensive, and you need to tread carefully. Visit website and check the following things when buying gold online:-

The Authenticity of the Website

It is essential to check the authenticity of the website before buying anything from it. Check if they have a distributing license. 

Purity of Gold

Gold is available in 18K, 22K, and 24 Karat. Whether you’re buying gold coins, jewellery, or bars, it is important to check the purity.

Hallmark Certification

It is important to purchase gold from credible and certified dealers. One way to know this is to check whether gold being sold has a hallmark. Hallmark is an engraving in the gold that indicates legality and purity. If the gold does not have a hallmark, it indicates that gold may be fake or may have been acquired illegally. It might spell trouble with the authorities.

Type of Gold

Gold comes in various forms. They can be physical forms like bars, coins, lumps, jewellery, or digital formats of e-gold and gold derivatives. Depending on the form of gold you wish to purchase, the prices are decided. There are also other factors like cost, security, handling, etc. 

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Understand what you want before you make the purchase. If you’re an investor and are confused about the same, you can visit the website and get help with all the needed advice and information to help you make a sound investment decision.

Ease of Selling

If you’re buying gold for investment purposes, this is an imperative factor to consider. The idea is to earn profits by selling it at a higher price than what’s paid for it. Even though gold prices have continuously been on the rise, ingots and coins are considered easier to sell than jewellery. They can be easily sold to banks. Keep this in mind while deciding which form of gold to buy.

Contact Details

Even though buying online is considered safe these days, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Do your research when choosing an online vendor. One of the first steps is checking if the chosen vendor has valid contact details and a physical office that you can visit. This information is generally available on their website. 

Call and verify the number and if you can, get yourself to visit their office for inquiries. It may seem silly when you can easily do it online, but it will assure you that the dealer is genuine and that your investment will be safe.

Whether you’re a serious investor or simple Australian looking to buy gold bullion, you must know what you’re getting into. Gold is stable, but it would be wrong to assume that its value will never depreciate, especially if it is digital gold that you are dealing in. Weigh all your options before taking the plunge.

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