Despite our best efforts, there comes a time when all of us will have a look at our home and realise that it could use a little loving attention to bring it back to its former glories.

And whilst many of us would like to splash out on a luxury bed or completely redesign the kitchen, such ambitious notions are often out of many of our budgets. So here are some thrifty tips that can improve your home decor without breaking the bank.


Much has been made of the shabby-chic trend that manages to blend the upmarket tastes of yesteryear with the rough-edged charm of boho chic thanks to some pretty innovative design ideas.

Thanks to a range of online design resources such as Homemaker, it can be fairly easy to apply the vintage look to just about any item of furniture whether it be a bed or a cabinet. And the great thing about the distressed aesthetic is that it can handle just about any amount of wear without losing the cool effect.


Simply shopping around wisely can also help you overhaul your home for next to nothing. Shopping second-hand at one of British Heart Foundation’s furniture stores for the occasional vintage lamp or chair can add a bespoke charm to even the most barren of interiors.

And whilst online resources such as Salvo.web can help you find some unique talking-points for your home, for important items such like bedroom furniture, you can shop for a new bed online and enjoy the free delivery service from brands like Bedstar that can do much to save a few pennies.

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The online arena is also packed full of useful tips for just about any aspect of home maintenance. For example, if a particular area of wallpaper is peeling and looking somewhat tatty, then rather than spending hours researching the right kind of wallpaper, simply buying some lining paper and painting over the troubled area can save money and achieve a much smarter look.

And finally, if your sofa’s looking completely threadbare and you can’t bear the thought of the cost of a new one, then investing in some discounted designer fabrics can not only give your furniture a striking new look, but it can also provide an adventurous craft challenge too!

So whether you’re looking for a cheap new bed, or just want to make that bedside table look a little more appealing, with a little shopping around and some imagination you can revamp your home for much less than you’d think!