As we move into what is essentially a new generation of business, the online marketplace is connecting people from across the world with new clients and customers every second. Understanding the growth of technology and how it is changing business can unlock limitless opportunities for the ambitious individual. 

The early internet was filled with a few ways to make some money here and there, but you can essentially find full-time jobs online with ease. Let’s look at 4 ways you can make money online that didn’t even exist a decade ago. 


While blogging has been around for a number of years, it was once just a fun way to spread thoughts and ideas over the internet. With modern companies looking to spread their messages, blogging is now a feasible way for you to write about what you enjoy and get paid for doing it. 

The reason this is now becoming a feasible way to make money online is because of the growth in ad content and the subsequent revenue that it can generate. If you are wondering how to make money blogging, enabling specific ads on your website can be the key to earning from ad revenue and money coming in as a result of people clicking through to your blog. 

Virtual Assistant 

man sitting on sofa while using laptop

Assistants are the backbone of any CEO or manager, and they are often jobs that many people would be great at. As modern internet connections get better and people can talk instantly, many people are finding that they can use their time at home to become virtual assistants. 

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Virtual assistants do everything from organizing meeting times to taking important calls so that their boss has less to worry about. This job is great for those who like to set up schedules, and such jobs can reward you with great pay if you are efficient with your management skills. 

Survey taking 

Yet another opportunity that is new to the online world is the ability to take online surveys and get paid for your responses. While this won’t make you a millionaire or get you serious money, taking online surveys can be a great way to make some extra money. 

Instead of just sitting around and doing nothing, you can take surveys for your favorite brands to provide consumer insight that companies desperately need which in turn they can use to improve products and service to customers. Taking surveys online is something literally anyone can do and is a great new way for people to make some extra money. 

Selling Skills 

The last way that people have now started making money online is by selling their valuable skills. As the number of freelance workers continues to rise with time, more and more people are doing things like writing, seraphic design, coding, and so much more online for individual clients. 

The appeal of selling skills online is that you can help someone around the world solve a problem without having to leave your bed. The flexibility of online skill selling allows anyone with enough talent and work ethic to make serious money when offering their skills to the online world.

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