Are your digital assets costing your department or organisation money? You may not even realise it, but the long hours your team spends sifting through thousands of digital files, trying to locate the right ones are causing more damage than you might think. 

More businesses than ever are embracing DAM software, not just as a way to improve productivity but as a means to save money. Discover for more information. Read on for some indisputable ways DAM software will save your business money. 

Streamline projects and efficiency

In business, time is money and if your team is spending excessive periods searching for singular files or struggling to decipher the right ones, then your department could already be in a financial predicament. Whether you’re piecing together a new advertising campaign, creating social media content, updating the company website or you have colleagues working on various projects with third parties, there’s nothing that will stunt progress more than trying to locate a missing file. 

DAM software provides a fully operational and meticulously organised library where your digital assets can be located swiftly and with ease. By using a smart combination of categories, metadata and smart tags, all digital files are kept in a fully accessible and organised structure. Streamlining all workflows and preventing bottlenecks at various stages of production and with all files in one easy to manage location, users can access what they need without struggling with complicated emails or asking for permissions to access certain servers and files. Streamlined production means more profit!

Reduction in copyright infringements

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When you’re not in full control of your digital assets, legal problems and copyright infringement cases are waiting to happen. It’s a simple mistake that any employee can make. But the use of unauthorised material or images that have expired copyright can have financially devastating consequences for businesses. DAM software uses smart digital rights management applications to ensure that unusable files are archived correctly and not in general circulation, keeping the business out of expensive legal battles.

Safe and secure systems

A security breach is incredibly devastating for any business, not just financially, but because of the impact it can have on your relationship with your customers. Once trust is broken, it can be difficult to get back. Thankfully, DAM software runs side by side with your current online security measures, and limits access to certain files and media that isn’t for public (or company) consumption. From customer information to company merger details, employee records, even your latest sales materials and product features, DAM software will keep all the business assets restricted and safe, saving you time and money. 

And finally, brand consistency

DAM software is the key to brand consistency. And when your brand image is consistent, it opens the door to all kinds of possibilities, including improved trust and recognition amongst your customers, a happier workforce, helping you stand apart from your competitors and ultimately, a healthier bottom line.

Traditional digital filing solutions aren’t smart enough to help users locate the most recent version of your logo, fonts and other branding essentials, which can cause all kinds of consistency problems. Again, with smart media achieving, automated tags, saved filters and intelligent version control, your users will continue to maintain brand consistency across your media content all thanks to DAM software.  

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