Being rich would be nice, but that’s not necessarily what you’re after. No, you want security – to know that you won’t run out of money after a lifetime of hard work. The people offering get-rich-quick schemes may shout the loudest, but don’t worry: there are also plenty of professionals and services who exist to help you gain financial security. Here are a few key tips and options to consider.

Choose diverse investments

If you’re trying to build wealth, then you almost certainly have some investments (or are planning to invest soon). But investments don’t always feel secure to many of us – they’re for growing our money, but they don’t always seem like good choices for protecting our money.

And it’s certainly true that stocks can go down. But there are options for financial security within the investment world. The key is diversity, which means spreading the risk around. If your portfolio features a mixture of reliable “blue chip” stocks (those are the big companies that won’t go under easily), index funds (which track the whole market – diversity in a single security!), bonds, alternative investments (like precious metals such as gold), and other types of investments, then you’re less likely to be taken out by a market adjustment.

But how much should you put in blue chip stocks, and how much in growth stocks? What bonds do you want? If you’re not an expert yourself, hire one. Financial advisers are worth the investment (pun intended), because they can make you more money in the long run than they cost to hire. Many advisors, including those at American Bullion, advise their clients to invest in more concrete tangible options rather than stock in a company which could disappear overnight.

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You need insurance

Stock market fluctuations aren’t the only thing that could take you out financially. So could a sudden serious illness – unless you have health insurance. And a fire in your home could take a huge chunk out of your net worth – unless you have homeowner’s insurance. You see the pattern, of course!

Insurance gives you peace of mind, but it’s also about financial security. A life insurance broker (like can help you make sure that your family doesn’t suffer financial disaster in the event of your death. A good health insurance policy minimizes your exposure to high health care bills. Car insurance (which is mandated by law) can be bare-bones stuff, or it can feature protections like full vehicle replacement. The more insurance you have, the safer your financial situation is. Speak with a broker to find the right balance for you.

Save, save, save!

You can protect yourself from big expenses with insurance and keep your investments safe with diversity, but everyone has expenses at some point! If you take a loss in the stock market or need to pay a bill that insurance doesn’t cover, you’ll need a safety net.

That means saving money in savings accounts. Make sure that you have an emergency fund. This money should be enough to cover three months’ or so worth of expenses, and it should be readily available, not invested. It’s a good idea to have other savings accounts, as well!

Financial security isn’t complicated. It’s about saving money, diversifying your risks, and protecting yourself from sudden expenses. Get-rich-quick schemes are never as good as they sound, so make the wise decision and focus on security!