Those of us who are lucky enough to work at home have it pretty good. Gone are the commutes, office politics, and strict break times. Instead we can wake up, grab a coffee, and get to work straight away (in our pyjamas if we wish).

There are some things you can do to make your home work space much more productive. If you’ve just started working at home or you know you need to overhaul your home office, here are some tips for designing a more productive home office:


Consider it an investment

While it can be tempting to scrimp on office equipment since it can be so pricey, badly designed and cheap offices will cause you frustration, make you waste time, and decrease your productivity. Instead of having an office you don’t want to be in, commit to spending a little more on good office equipment so you’ll feel excited to be in your office and won’t need to deal with jammed printers or a slow computer.

Make sure its comfortable

It’s crucial that you’re buying furniture which is both comfortable and supportive. This will prevent repetitive stress injuries, back and neck strain, and worse problems further down the line. Arrange your office so that your computer screen is at eye level, and your office chair allows you to put both feet comfortably on the floor. A foot stool can also be a good idea.


Choose the best office products

While it’s important to have the best equipment, you also need to give a thought to the products you’re using in your home office. Invest in quality printer cartridges, and show your professionalism with the best business cards possible. When it comes to your office printer, choose one which will last for a long time while providing clear, crisp printing for your clients.

Get rid of distractions

While working from home can mean you get more done, it also means you’re constantly fighting the urge to take a nap, watch tv, or choose lunch outside. When you’re creating an office space you’ll want to minimise the risk of distractions as much as possible, so think about getting some noise cancelling headphones, don’t have a tv in your office, and tell your family that when you’re working you should only be disturbed when it’s extremely important.


Make the most of light and space

Those who work in an office with other colleagues will find that they spend most of their working hours inside. A lack of natural light will lead to bad moods and lack of productivity, and it’s also bad for your health and sleep cycle.

Choose a room which gets a lot of natural light, and take regular breaks, even if it’s just walking outside to check the mail.

Regardless of how large your office is, make the most of the space you have by investing in drawers, file cabinets and storage containers. Visit blogs and websites to get unique ideas about how to maximise the amount of space in your office.