Getting your company’s branding right is hugely important in establishing your identity as a business. As well as being a way to communicate your ethos to potential customers instantly, it can be used to create a consistent and effective marketing strategy for your services and products. Branding can be applied in many different ways to fit in with your business. Read on to discover some top methods for establishing your company’s brand.

  • Personalized stationery

Perhaps the most quintessential business branding product most people think of is personalized stationery. For instance, company letterheads, complete with your company logo, and pens and pencils. These are often distributed as promotional materials and act as additional marketing for your business and brand. Additionally, different types of stationary could suit your brand better. A distinguished architecture firm, for example, might prefer their logo to go on an elegant mechanical pencil than a standard HB.

  • Use a toll-free number

When setting up a customer service phone line for your business, you should consider investing in a toll-free number. This will allow customers to contact your business without incurring charges, even if they are placing a long-distance call. Toll-free numbers all start with a three-digit code, such as 800, and the remaining numbers can be customized to your needs. For instance, choose easily memorable repeating numbers or vanity numbers that reflect your brand.

  • Use the same ‘voice’ for all communications

‘Voice’ means the specific way you communicate with people – the language, tone, and terminology you use. It all combines to create an impression of your brand and its ethos, and as such, on voice will be more appropriate than another. For instance, the distinguished architecture firm referenced above is likely to seek a more formal tone, whereas this same formal tone would not be the most suitable for a donut shop. Make sure that you keep your tone consistent across all communications to avoid confusion – customers might not know what to expect if they receive both an overly formal email and a chatty Instagram post. 

  • Staff uniforms
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If your business is primarily customer-facing, such as a hair salon or restaurant, you might consider introducing staff uniforms. These are another way of establishing your brand as they clearly identify your staff for your customers and can be personalized with your logo and color scheme. Even if a formal uniform would be inappropriate for your business, an employee dress code will do the same job of reflecting your brand—for instance, a formal or casual dress code to fit with your ethos.

  • Create a color scheme

Deciding on a color scheme is a great way of establishing your brand. It can then be applied to many aspects of your business, from the aforementioned staff uniforms to your business premises’ interior design. You could consider incorporating color theory into your color scheme, choosing, for instance, calming blues for a holistic therapy center, or dynamic reds for a bar.