Hydro dipping is the latest art craze taking the internet by storm. If you haven’t seen any of the extremely satisfying videos yet, let me explain exactly why this new form of art is changing the way people paint.


You start off with a plain object. It can be almost any material, everything from plastic to wood to bones to everything in between. Once you have your object, you prepare your paint station. You’ll need a tub, water, primer, paint, and some activator. Once you have everything ready, you fill the tub with water, prime your object, then spray some different paints into the tub. The paint will float on top of the water. Next, you add some activators. Finally, you slowly dip your object into the paint, let it sit for a few seconds, then pull it out. That’s it! The result is an amazing marble-like effect that can be applied to nearly anything.


Where Do I Begin?


The above may sound easy, but the truth is hydro dipping can be quite tricky to learn. You’ll have to be sure to put the right amount of activator on top of the water or the paint won’t properly stick. Adding too much activator will leave bubbles on your print, while adding too little will result in a similar problem, but with more jagged holes.


If you’re interested in learning how to hydro dip properly, there are classes that can be taken both in person, and online. These classes will help refine your skill and teach you several tips and tricks on the hydro dipping process.

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What Else Can You Do With Hydro Dipping?


In addition to creating a marble effect, you can also do the same with nearly any other type of pattern imaginable. This is done by using a hydrographic film, a thin sheet that sits on top of the water instead of the paint. What makes these films remarkable is that there’s a design for everything you can think of.


You can buy hydrographic film in a wide range of varieties, ranging from camouflage to galaxy patterns. Can’t find something you like? We’ll work with you to find the right design you need. If it can be designed, it can be hydro dipped.


What Type Of Products Can I Hydro Dip?


Since hydro dipping involves using water, any electronic product should be hydro dipped by professionals who can ensure the object’s well-being. Objects such as gaming controllers and even the gaming system themselves can be hydro dipped once the electronic components have all been removed.


Another popular item to hydro dip is shoes. Once partly covered in masking tape, the shoes can be dipped in any pattern or color combination desired. After the shoes have been dipped and rinsed off, the masking tape can be removed to reveal a completely white surface underneath.


One of the easiest things to hydro dip is phone covers. These usually snap on and off your phone, making removal easy. Once the phone is safely away from the water, simply dip the case in and remove. Any pattern can be applied this way.

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Overall, hydro dipping is a great way to customize your own items, whatever they may be. You can try this fun hobby at home by buying the products online, or you can leave it to the professionals. Either way, you’re guaranteed to get a one-of-a-kind creation.