2020 has been a different year all of us could have ever imagined. Not only have countless people lost jobs, others had their health severely impacted, but many of us have spent more time at home than ever before. Without our normal routines, hobbies and favourite past times, it’s been harder than ever to keep ourselves entertained. If you’re looking for some ways to keep yourself entertained, why still keeping yourself socially distanced and safe, here are 4 affordable ways to have fun during the pandemic.

1. Online Games
A few decades ago, computer based games were super basic and there weren’t many options, now you’re completely spoiled for choice. You can find almost anything, from multiplayer games where you’re in a busy sushi kitchen preparing orders, right through to fighting mystical creatures in a far away world. Another way you can play online, is with mobile-friendly online casinos, allowing you to have some real fun.

2. Netflix
 Although this year has been tough, one of the silver lining is all the technology we have and how much more comfortable isolation is because of it. For a reasonable monthly fee, you can watch Netflix and have access to thousands of good shows and movies. There’s literally something for everyone on there, ensuring that your quarantine will pass by quickly. If you wanted to make sure your streaming is as smooth as possible so that you can watch your content uninterrupted, you may wish to look into the best vpn for netflix to help this, as well as add a little extra to your security that you will no doubt also welcome. 

3. Clear Out Your Closet

This might not sound fun, but the truth is having a properly curated closet is a real blessing. There’s nothing worse than hunting through your clothes only to find a ton of things that no longer fit, or you no longer like. You can also sell your old clothes for extra cash, maybe even to fund your online shopping addiction.

4. Zoom Party
Just because you’re socially distancing, it doesn’t mean you can’t see your friends or family, even if it’s just online. Organize a zoom party, whether to celebrate a birthday, or just to catch up a little. Get dressed up nicely so that you feel like you’re going out, pour yourself a nice drink or prepare a snack and get comfortable. Be sure to take a screenshot of all your friends and family in the screen to remember!

The end of the year is looking to be a bit strange still, but hopefully with these tips you can make the most of it and have fun even while the pandemic continues.

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