In the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo Di Caprio’s character, Jordan Belfort, show the audience the sublime effect of the excess of living. The movie honestly shows the rotten side of being one of the rich and corrupted. Money, drugs, women, can all lead to the corruption of the soul and the decay of one’s morality.

This movie might not perfectly reflect the reality of the rich, but it is a good representation of what our innermost desire wants: too have too much of everything, to live the world without shame and guilt because you’ve got too many money to spare.

But in reality those who live in excess can meet dangerous ends. Believe it or not frugal living has still space in this day and age where material things matter. We listed down some of the reasons why you we save up, and why you should too:


Less stress

Worrying about money can actually cause you stress. Studies show that if you have a simple lifestyle and have a bit of savings, you’ll have lesser stress. You’re not only achieving peace of mind, you’re also making healthier decisions for your body.

Less waste

Excess living cost you to buy many material things that you don’t really need. Notice how many times people upgrade their cellphones even though they don’t really need the new features. Frugal living means you already have the things that matter, without the added excess.

Less problems

How many time you and your partner have been in a fight because of money? Sometimes, couples break up not because they no longer love each other but because there’s already a hole in their wallet. Avoid fights with your special someone by being smarter with your financial choices.

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More help to the environment

Going frugal means it’s finally clear why we need to cut down for the material things. Cutting down the need for material things means that we are helping the environment. The less excess that we consume, the more benefits we give back to Mother Earth.

More creativity

Creativity is getting boost up whenever we save up. We stop going to malls and buy things that are already prepared for us. Instead, we do Do-It-Yourself and #lifehacks just so we can acquire the same things that we see on the mall on just a small amount of money. It takes a dash of imagination for you to be successful in saving up.

More time for important things

Sometimes, aiming for money makes us forget the most important things in the world: family, friends, community. Living frugally means we take time to appreciate the things that are around us more and more.

But how will you maintain a frugal lifestyle? You can ask for help. You can go to for tips and advice on how you can properly manage your money. From this website, you can compare different bank offers on loans, insurance, and credit. It can also help if you budget and take the whole family with you.

Saving shouldn’t be hard. Just find the best options for you and you will enjoy life of simply and with love