There’s no doubt that planning a wedding can be stressful. But much of this stress comes from the expense. And there’s no doubt that weddings are expensive. If you’re hoping to keep to a strict budget for your wedding, here are some tips that will help you make it happen:

Save on the dress

One of the most expensive parts of the wedding is the dress- something you’ll only wear for one day. These days, brides aren’t only finding their dresses at bridal shops. Many are getting creative and picking up white dresses in the party or prom sections of department stores. Others are using bridal consignment stores, which specialize in pre-owned wedding gowns. Thousands of these are never-worn or once-worn, and they’re also an excellent place to sell your dress after the wedding.


Another option? Consider a sample gown. While most wedding dresses are ordered and then made, you can score a massive discount by getting a sample gown (the one you try on in store). The only issue here is that sample sizes are typically 6 to 10,  although discount bridal shops may have a wider selection of sizes. Another good option? Borrow your accessories. You’ll often spend hundreds on things like a veil, shoes, and jewelry, but you can save big by borrowing these from a friend or family member.

Be smart with invitations

Invitations are also a super-pricey component of any wedding. However, there are plenty of ways you can purchase cheap wedding invitations that still look amazing. Look at wedding invitations card design online, and consider creating your own invitations. Another option? Make them all e-invitations. These days, there are some excellent wedding invitations which allow you to send e-invites and track your RSVPs. Even if you only email your save-the-date reminders, you’ll still save on postage and stationery.

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Choose the right venue

Venues can sell out a year in advance. But you can save big money by picking an off-peak date. The higher the demand for a date, the more you’ll pay. You can score heavy discounts by choosing the shoulder or even the off-season. While everyone wants to get married on a Saturday, it’s also the most expensive day. You can have a much lower rate if you choose a Sunday or even a Friday (give people plenty of notice and they’ll usually be able to use one vacation day).