Approximately  73 per cent of realtors prefer using the services of a real estate video marketing agency. The sellers also want their chosen broker to market the property via video to reach out to the buyer. The marketing video could be of any type like Walkthrough video ads or Q&A sessions because that doesn’t matter. The only concern here is attracting a prospective buyer for the property to effect a sale. 

That becomes a burden for the brokers as making compelling real estate videos that please the seller and attract the buyer is demanding. Also, how can you tell that the video you make will be expected in the market?

Yes, real estate videos are for a specific industry, but you can make them like the other marketing videos, and once you begin filming, you may even realize that it is not as tough to do them as you thought it would be.

Get ready to make your first real estate marketing video, and to help you with it, here are ten tips to create real estate videos.

Set a Budget to Create Real Estate Videos

Begin your Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy by fixing a budget for it. Video making comprises many processes and allots a fixed amount to each step, and here is what you can do.

Ask yourself a few questions.

The first one is the audience you want to target. Have a look at the video that your competitors make to ascertain the quality. 

You have to reach out to prospective buyers through effective advertisement. Decide on the ways to advertise. The choice is comprehensive, and you can promote on social media or settle for customized email marketing. The costs may add up depending on your preference. One way to save money is to repurpose your real estate video into digital advertisements; by doing that, you can increase content output and spend less. 

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 Alternatively, you can connect with a digital marketer who can advise you in setting your budget, targeting the right crowd, and testing the efficiency of the video in the market. You can also use the paid ad method.

Prepare your Angle Ahead of Time.

You cannot make real estate videos at the snap of your fingers without proper planning. To hold the audience’s interest, you must tell them a story in the most appealing way.  

Don’t ever think that you can decide on any part of video making on the spur of the moment, and that can result in costly mistakes as reshooting adds to expenses.

You can make real estate videos to appealing the family crowd by showing a happy family, but you will need actors. Decide if you want to do it and check if they are available at the required time and dates.  

Decide on the video format and choose your equipment. Be cautious not to keep talking to showcase your real estate expertise; instead, show the property so that the viewer will want only that property. 

 Speak to the sellers before making and sending out the video to your clients. If they see the finished video, they differ in opinion, and you may need to edit the video, which will also make the entire process more expensive. 

Make your Real Estate Video as Brief as Possible.

I have seen short videos, about forty-three seconds, and lengthy ones that last six minutes. 

Ideally, short videos are better. The audience’s attention span is short, and you don’t want to bore them with unnecessary details. With the help of a real estate video maker, you can make such videos. The easy way to decide is by first choosing the platform to market it and work as per their specifications. 

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A Script for the Video

According to experts, the best real estate videos have three parts:

  • The first part must have a clear frontal image of the property with glimpses of the neighbourhood.
  • The second focuses on the interiors. Show each room beginning from the living room and then move to the kitchen, bedroom, and other parts of the house.
  • An ariel view of the property will look good in the third part. 

Add effect by using the traditional approach of storytelling. 

Make Real Estate Videos that are Hard to Resist

The whole point of making real estate videos is to inform and entice the viewer to buy them. If you must achieve that, you must create an attractive video that the viewer will watch till the end. Be cheerful and pass on the excitement with the words you speak. The real estate video must encourage the viewer to imagine that he is at the property and start dreaming of living there. 

Your video must convey an important message: the house can easily be transformed from what it is to what it can be to meet buyer requirements.  

Tell the Prospective Buyer Something Special About the House

Every property has some unique feature. Emphasize for the buyer to feel that it is a must. 

If it is an old property, show the uniqueness of the ancient structure, its wooden ceiling Etc. If the property has a beautiful garden, let the viewer see it. Have a good look at the property and find something that will make the property more of an attraction to your viewers.

Let the Audience View the Neighbourhood

When you advertise a property that does not stand alone, include ariel shots that allow the viewer to see and know the neighbourhood. The viewers must see the surrounding areas to understand that all they need is available close to them. For instance, show them the closet place of worship, parking area for apartments, healthcare facilities, Etc. You only need to zoom out to allow the viewers to catch a glimpse. 

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A Glimpse of the Lifestyle

The buyer’s journey does not end with purchasing the house, and they must live there. When they get a glimpse of what their lifestyle will be like after moving to the place, the property may seem even more attractive to them.

Present the serenity of the place when you advertise a property on a hill or by the beach. If the property is a residential locality, focus on how wonderful life will be for a family by concentrating on the parks, malls, Etc.

Include a Neighbours Testimony

You would have spoken much about the property, and the viewer may have heard it all, and it may even influence the buyer to move forward with the purchase.

But when someone living in the neighbourhood testifies that the locality makes him happy and comfortable, it adds value to the property.

If you could not convince them to buy the testimony might just do the trick. 

Invite the Audience to Engage

Video marketing is only the first phase in the real estate business. You need an engagement with the audience to clinch deals. Encourage them to engage with you by including CTA’s. The CTA could be for a prospective buyer to request a showing or a link to the website to view more properties.


Real estate marketing takes on a whole new dimension with video commercials. With the necessary editing tools, a keen eye for detail, and some passion, you can bring your property to life or convince potential clients why you are the best choice.