The property market is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities available to discerning investors looking to continue growing their wealth. And investing in real estate is no longer reserved for only high net worth individuals looking for those premium asset classes to lock in to their holdings.

1. Begin with a REIT.

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is a great way to engage with property investments without having to wait to cobble together all the cash required for a more traditional financial product of this nature. REITs exist in the stock market and can be bought and sold like traditional company stocks. Of course, they carry the benefit of the heightened return potential that comes along with the traditional real estate market and annual returns often far surpass other stock performances. Blackrock, Vanguard and the other major investment banking players all offer mutual funds in this asset class, and real estate professionals like John Foresi typically recommend REITs as a great starter kit for learning to engage with the housing market like a pro. Other alternatives include a diverse fund that touches on real estate and bundles it with other market sectors like the Yieldstreet platform Prism Fund (Check out this Yieldstreet review for more on the provider).

If you’re interested in alternative investing in this type of asset class, take a look at the investment platform offered by Yieldstreet. The Yieldstreet investors specifically focus on alternative investments, so they have a lot of wisdom to offer those who are dipping their toes in this type of investment opportunity for the first time.

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2. Rent out your home for reliable cash.

Investing in rental homes in order to create a new stream of income is another great way to leap into the real estate space. Renters are always on the lookout for a great new place to live, and homeownership is declining, which means that there are an increasing number of renters entering every urban center across the country every year. Buying property to rent out takes a bit of planning because the name of the game is to cover your expenses. In the first years, you are unlikely to turn a profit directly.

That being said, if you can cover the entire cost of your mortgage expenses with the rent earned from the home then you are on your way to success. There are some tangential inclusions that are important here as well. Getting to know local contractors to provide quick, efficient, and reliable fixes for plumbing issues, windows, and roofing damage is essential, as is finding self storage Miami (or wherever you live) in order to provide yourself with a place to keep your belongings if you need to transition from furnished to non-furnished at the turn of a dime.

3. Try your hand at flipping.

Flipping homes is another avenue into the marketplace. A home flipper looks for bargains on the market that just need a bit of love to turn them into diamonds in the rough. A home flipper looks for a space with a solid foundation, easily renovated floors and walls, and a kitchen that shows promise for a remodel. Quick fixes skyrocket the value so that you can place the home back on the market and turn a profit: All there is left to do is rinse and repeat.

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4. Try commercial real estate for long-term clients.

Branching out from the residential market, commercial real estate shows incredible promise as an investment opportunity. New customers are always looking for retail or office space and the annual return on a well-placed corporate structure can rival or even surpass a great residential home. Like a home, a commercial rental property helps you keep your investment cash liquid and is a great way to develop long term cash flow health in pursuit of other investment property acquisitions.

5. Go into business with friends or family.

The best way to continue growing your portfolio in this marketplace is to keep buying up properties. Rent and home prices are on a generally upward trend, but there is only so much you can make from a single investment vehicle. Growing your business may be done best with the help of close family or friends in the form of a partnership that shares the costs and profits.

Real estate is an exciting alternative investment space and can earn you higher returns than traditional investments. Take your time to learn the ropes and then begin buying and building your tangible asset holdings to create real, lasting wealth.