If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam, you are most likely very excited. International travel can allow you to broaden your understanding, knowledge and experience. In addition to simply researching things to do in Amsterdam, there are some additional tips that can make your stay easier and cheaper. Saving money is a goal for most people who are planning an international vacation, which is why sites like Hipmunk work to help find hotel discounts. Here are six ideas to help you save even more and reduce hassle while you are on vacation abroad.international-debit-card-388996_1280 Open a Checking Account that Reimburses You for ATM Fees

While you are in Europe, you will most likely need to withdraw cash from an ATM. While you can withdraw a large sum at the airport, it is not a good idea to carry around large amounts of cash. Many banks charge steep fees for making withdrawals at foreign ATMs. If you choose to open a checking account with companies such as Fidelity or Charles Schwab, you can be reimbursed for those ATM fees. Both of these companies reimburse account holders for all ATM fees, including those that come from foreign ATM withdrawals.

Remember Fraud Alerts

Credit card companies are on the lookout for indications of fraudulent use of your credit cards. Letting your company know of where you are traveling and what dates you will be there is a good idea so you do not find yourself in a situation in which your credit card is frozen while you are abroad.business-card-198888_1280Credit Cards for Exchange Rates

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Credit cards generally offer better exchange rates. You should be aware, however, that many credit card companies charge a foreign transaction fee, which can be expensive. You may want to consider getting a card like the Platinum American Express or a Chase Sapphire Preferred, as neither of these cards charge their holders foreign transaction fees. You may want to call your own credit card company to see if it does charge foreign transaction fees.

Ask for a Hotel Business Card

Nothing can be more frustrating than getting lost in a foreign city, especially if you are unable to speak the language. When you check into your hotel, ask for a business card and carry it with you. That way, if you get lost, you can show the business card to people to be better able to get directions back to where you are going.tablets-754485_1280Bring your Own Medicine

Remembering to bring over-the-counter medicine can be a wise thing to do. While pharmacies are available in Amsterdam, you can save yourself the potential embarrassment of trying to translate such things as abdominal distress if you happen to experience it.

Minimize Data Usage

While most business travelers have international data roaming plans, most other people do not. Be sure and turn off your cell phone’s data roaming to avoid excessive costs. Only turn it on if you absolutely have to use it.

International travel can be extremely fun, interesting and invigorating. By planning carefully, you can allow yourself to concentrate on experiencing more of Amsterdam while you gain more experiences and build lasting memories. Following these basic international travel tips can help you avoid headaches so you can concentrate on simply enjoying yourself while you are on your international vacation in the city.

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