Although the advent of the mobile phone has resulted in a decline in the use of home phones, the technology hasn’t stopped evolving. Indeed, a number of home phone systems now boast advanced features, which make them a worthwhile addition to any office environment.


It’s your choice

The first thing to say is that it’s worth sitting down and working out exactly what you need your home office phone for. Is it just for fielding calls? Or do you regularly take part in conference calls? Is it a fashion statement or something more than a mere accessory? Having a clear idea of what you want before you start doing your market research will make the final purchase far less daunting.

Basic features

If you’re going to invest in a home office telephone, it’s important to have a look at the basic features of your model. Most business people will want a device that can be paired with their mobile phone. Bluetooth functionality is a must. It will enable you to make calls using your cellular connection, thus improving not only the sound quality but also the comfort of your call. Other basic features include battery life, warranty and the level of support available from the manufacturer.


Phone and device features

If you are choosing a cordless phone, make sure you consider the assortment of extra functions offered. If you are involved in business, a conferencing function will allow you to conduct phone calls with multiple people at the same time, or you could use an online system like Skype. Models that pair your landline with your cell phone may have an alert for when your phone receives a text message. Customisable functions such as adding contacts from a handset and the information contained on the caller display will depend from model to model. Here again you will need to decide exactly what features you require to suit your individual needs.

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Help and support

An often overlooked category, but incredibly important in the business world where first impressions are vital. If for some reason your office system is not working, you need to be able to rely on support that is both efficient and professional. Many manufacturers have an FAQs section on their website, as well as offering individual support.


A final tip

After conducting online research, it’s worth casting your eye over the telephones buying guide from Tesco, as it will contain more specialised advice, including information on how to get the best possible deal for your money.

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