If you are looking for a new adventure in the food industry, street food could be just what you are looking for – a business you can run from your very own van. And by street food we aren’t referring to your greasy white burger van; street food is on a whole different level.


It’s been a big thing in countries like Thailand for years now – the UK has only recently caught on to the genius idea that everyone is going mad for. Street food is available in almost all cuisines now, whether it be Thai, Indian, Italian etc. Figure out your forte and get involved in the biggest food trend that’s around.

Commercial van specialists, Van Monster has created an infographic that informs you of everything you’ll need to know if you want to become a part of the growing industry. The visual includes all the tips you’ll need to set up your own van vendor business.

There is clearly a market for it – and it seems to be here to stay. So, the question is; are you ready for a new food adventure?

Street food van vendors