Money isn’t everything, but I also think most people wouldn’t show up for work if they weren’t going to get paid. If you’re looking for a new career, or trying to figure out what to study at college, then salary is likely to be a factor in what you choose to study. Of course it’s important to find something you are passionate about, but it’s also very necessary to find something that will pay the bills and afford the lifestyle you want. Here are my suggestions for top 3 careers that pay really well:

1. Anaesthesiologist

You’re probably not surprised to see something medical at the top of the list, after all most professionals in the medical industry require many years of study before you’re even making a cent. Not only is medical school expensive, but there’s also the opportunity cost to keep in mind. Being an anaesthesiologist is a challenging but very important job. People’s lives are literally in your hands and you often have to think on your feet. In the United States, the median salary for an anaesthesiologist was $208,000 in the year 2017. This is a pretty considerable salary and obviously a huge motivation to get through those gruelling years at college!

2. A Dentist

Do you have a passion for oral hygiene? Teeth are so important, after all they’re how we eat and process our daily nutrition. Without them eating becomes very complicated and our self confidence is affected. By improving someone’s smile you can drastically transform how they feel about themselves and how they interact with the world. To become a dentist you’re also going to have to spend quite a few years in dental school, but the salary is very appealing at a median of $151,440 in the United States in the year 2017.

3. IT Manager

As the workplace becomes more digital, the demand for IT managers is just going through the roof! A relatively new field of work, IT management is a generous paying position that can be both interesting and challenging. The IT duties will depend on the position and the company, but they can be things from communication support, right through to analysing computing needs. Generally for this kind of work there will be a requirement of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. Like with any profession, the more experience you have the higher the salary you will be able to command, but the median salary for IT managers was $139,220 but obviously it will vary depending on the company and location you work for. Tech jobs available in San Francisco can reach up to a $150K annual salary. 

Now I think it’s worth mentioning again, don’t let money be the only factor in what career you choose to study. You want it to be something you enjoy, something that provides you with some kind of job satisfaction, and something you can see yourself doing for a very long time. Studying at college is a huge investment time wise and also financially, so you want to be sure when you start you’re going to be motivated to make it right the way to the end. No matter whether you choose to study in Oregon, overseas or locally, be sure to choose something that really motivates you!