To have a clear understanding of your business’s needs now and in the future, the first step is to identify how you can develop the required skills. This blog guide outlines the steps that you can take to build innovation skills into your business.

  • Improvise your selection process

    If you are in charge of hiring staff then you might need special expertise. Learn to engage in a targeted attraction, recruitment and selection processes that can allow you to take on staff in a more efficient manner. Also, invest your time in understanding ways to help promote diversity and prevent discrimination within the workplace. Ensuring a fair and equitable recruitment process at all times can help you find and hire skilled candidates for running your business.
  • Build staff skills and knowledge

    Upskilling your existing staff members are an essential aspect of building your business’s capability. This comes into effect when you are introducing new products or services, technology, unique processes or business models. Building skills and abilities is an important and worthwhile investment for your business to flourish and produce better results and higher productivity. When all staff members learn to value the time, money and effort your business has invested in their professional development, it is likely to foster a stronger commitment and loyalty from their end.
  • Engage in training and development activities

    Providing effective and consistent training should lead to motivated employees who are aware of and understand their responsibilities. They are also likely to be keen on developing their abilities further. There is a wide range of training and development activities that can be adopted to develop skills and capability. You may either choose to build knowledge among employees through reading, listening and observing, or develop skills through demonstration, practice, strategic review and improvement.
  • Develop a structurally advanced team environment

    Formal structural training sessions can be conducted through on-the-job or off-the-job learning experiences, as well as peer-coaching or mentoring. You can also focus on creating the right and left brain coordination to enhance business skills. This can allow you and your employees to:
  • Be imaginative;
  • Execute holistic framing;
  • Visualise rationally;
  • Sequentially analyse;
  • Objective orienting, 
  • Take benefit from industry learning

    Remember to take the assistance of a training consultant or private organisation to help you choose appropriate training and development activities. Take help from formal recognition of learning to get your mind in line with the industry or regulatory requirements.
  • Gain access to innovative skills

    Another way of developing capability is by accessing specialised skills externally through partnerships, collaborations and business exchanges. This may not be particularly helpful in acquiring core skills but are highly advantageous in gaining complementary skills and be more likely to gather answers from other disciplines as well.
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