If you want to work with high-level financial recruiters who can connect you with the right opportunities, you need to know what these professionals prioritize when selecting candidates to work with.

  1. Specialized Skills

The finance industry contains a wide variety of sectors. Top financial recruiting firms look to match employers with candidates who possess knowledge of finance as practiced in mortgage lending, investment banking or other specific niche. Thus, your resume should prominently display the specialized skills you bring to the table.


  1. Proficiency in Financial Software

As today’s financial world is highly digitized, employers increasingly look for candidates who have a thorough knowledge of relevant software. Make sure your resume lists specific programs you know, rather than general descriptions such as “database management.

Because software continuously evolves and changes, employers value finance professionals who can adapt and learn quickly.

  1. Reporting

Compiling and analyzing financial reports forms the backbone of many finance professionals’ responsibilities. Do not assume your proficiency with financial reporting goes without saying. Instead, describe how you used financial reporting to achieve results in previous positions.

  1. Soft Skills

In addition to essential technical skills, employers like to see some important so-called “soft skills.” Commonly prized proficiencies in this area include communication, problem solving, flexibility and motivation.

When hiring for many types of finance position, employers often foresee moving the employee into a leadership position in the future. Therefore, recruiters will also review candidates’ resumes for evidence of leadership experience and potential.

In addition to showcasing these skills on your resume, be sure to demonstrate them when interacting with recruiters, who will have the opportunity to observe first-hand whether you excel at communication, listening and professionalism.

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