The old cliché phrase that it takes blood, sweat, and tears to build a business says exactly the truth. Anyone who has ever started a business, no matter how big or small knows what it takes to make that business grow and successful. So, when you decide to sell that business, you need someone who understands what went into building. This is why you should sell your business with a broker.

A good business broker is going to set you up for success and walk you through the sales process. They are going to find out what you are looking to get out of the sale, value your business and see how much you stand to make on a good deal, and then use their extensive network to find the ideal buyer and close the deal as quickly as possible.

 You may have built the business alone, but this is one aspect of that business you do not want to try to fly solo on.

Choosing Your Broker

Choosing your business broker is similar to choosing a real estate agent. You want to know their marketing plan and what they can do for you, but where do you start? Below is a list of the top business brokers that can help you sell your business for top dollar and walk away with the deal you are looking for.

  1. Business Exits

If you are a business bringing in revenue of over $2 Million to $25 Million a year, Business Exits is the top choice for selling your business. They closed 91% of all business they brought to market in 2019 across many different industries. They work with buyers both nationally and internationally, which ensures you get the perfect buyer for your business.

  1. Digital Exits
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Digital Exits is another top choice for business brokers. They specialize in the smaller revenue range beginning at just $250k, which opens them up to a lot of potential buyers looking to grow an already successful business. Digital Exits is for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. This is especially important because they are able to convey to buyers exactly what goes into starting a business, because they’ve been there.

  1. Woodbridge International

In the larger revenue bracket is Woodbridge. Working with large businesses with revenue ranging from $5M to $250 million, they have 19 worldwide locations.  Offering 27 years of successful service, they operate on a team approach instead of only one agent, ensuring that each sale has extensive experience behind it. Servicing a multitude of industries, for your large revenue sales, they are the team to go with.

  1. Houlihan Lokey

Houlihan Lokey is a middle market global investment bank who specializes in mergers and acquisitions. They operate on the understanding that in today’s market you must move quickly and diligently to get the sale done. Having the bank behind them means they are able to qualify buyers and offer smooth and quick sales to businesses.

Selling your business is stressful enough. Using a business broker allows you to focus on continuing to operate as normally as possible while they work behind the scenes to close your deal.