Much like other self-employed businesses, optometrists can venture into their practice. Similarly, it can be quite a daunting task to start your own business from scratch. The challenges are many, but ultimately, it is a doable and achievable venture. Many do this with one major goal in mind, to work for themselves. Starting your optometry practice if done well can bring you immense contentment and still be quite lucrative. Venturing into your own business, you will be able to fully control hiring, carefully tailor your brand and be at the centre of decisions that determine the direction your business will take.


No matter what business you are looking to start, location is always a vital consideration. In this case, your ideal location would be an area with a need for optometry solutions currently not well served. This means that you should consider an area with limited access to these services. Your goal is to come in and fill the existing market gap. Location can be determined by creating your demand. A good example would be targeting a retirement community and offering the much-needed optometry services.


Branding your business entails giving it a unique identity. This is reflected through a company name, a logo design or a unique symbol. To develop and give your brand identity, you may need to incorporate customer service, after-sales, advertising and promotions. Like other businesses, there are four recommended steps to help you give your optometry business an appealing identity. First, you will have to determine and outline how you want the potential market to perceive you. You will then have to tailor your business model and its operating framework based on your initial depiction. It then becomes ideal for you to implement, communicate and portray this depiction of your identity. To ensure and convey the stability and strength of your brand, you will need to be consistent.

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Hiring the appropriate staff

Businesses are only as efficient as the people working there. This makes it necessary to go for the absolute best. This will start by hiring and training a professional team that you can manage. You may want to consider optometry consultants to provide you with some expert support. Given the business’s early stages, this may be difficult and could take a few tries to get right. It is advised that you come up with written contacts that clearly outline your employee policies, payroll structure, schedule, vacation, overtime, working hours, and leave. Arbitration clauses, confidentiality clauses, and sexual harassment policies will encourage employees by making them feel protected while working for you. This positively influences their productivity.

Local Marketing

Many businesses have taken to online marketing and SEO optimization. As you go about implementing the conventional marketing strategies, you should consider your local market. As you take up online marketing, try and optimize for your local audience’s searches. Come up with bold social media profiles across numerous platforms and make sure the listed information is accurate. Your business name, addresses, and contacts should be accurately listed in both online and offline directories. Business cards are always a plus for a new business.

Thinking long term
To be more appealing to clients, you may be tempted to splurge on high-end inventory for your optical displays. In the early stages of your business, this may not be a good idea as there is no financial feasibility. Instead, tailor your inventory to meet the local market’s preferences. This will eliminate unprofitable expenditures and save you working capital which can be used for other lucrative business endeavours in the long run. It is also recommended that you adopt digital health record keeping. An Electronic Health Record system will reduce long term costs and prevent inefficiencies due to misplaced records.

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