We all face times and situations when we need to make more money. Sometimes it is a temporary problem that is taken care of in a few weeks. Sometimes, it takes months. Whatever your situation, there are many ways to make extra money online (and not online) if you apply yourself to finding them.

Prepare yourself

The ways to make money fall into one of five categories. They are:

  • Side Hustle
  • Gigs (single job like seating people at a concert or working the ticket booth at a fair)
  • Freelance (writing, editing, teaching/tutoring, music lessons, etc.)
  • Reducing expenses

We will take a look at each of these categories, but first, you need to take a self-inventory. There are jobs that will help you make some extra money. But, taking the wrong one will make it harder than it should be and will make the experience so unpleasant that you will never want to repeat it, no matter what. Selecting the right choice could open doors for you that will make you feel as if you have a safety net and you may even decide to open your own business in that field one day. It is important that you identify your strong points but it is equally important that you keep an open mind. If you are looking at a job and most of the duties are things you can do easily, but there is something you are unfamiliar with, don’t reject the job without looking into it. You may find it is something that you have done but they are calling it by a different term. It could be something you have to research a bit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn the task.

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Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you begin your search:

  • What do you enjoy doing?
  • What do you hate doing?
  • Where do you excel?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Are you looking for something you can do every once in a while or every month?
  • What hours are you willing to commit to daily?
  • Do you have the equipment you need to begin immediately?
  • Can you be trusted to deliver?

Answer these questions honestly. Pay special attention to the last question. Technology is a wonderful thing. Many people have worked hard and because of them, folks who would not be able to work before can now work for their homes and make a living. Freelance jobs are how they pay their mortgage. If you accept a remote job and let the company invest training dollars in you and you are a no show, it is noticed. Do not make the mistake of thinking this kind of information does not get around to other employers.

Side Hustle

  • eBay sale

This is the first side hustle people normally think of. Go through your closet, shoes, jewelry, coats, and music and put together a cool eBay auction. This is a good way to pick up some cash. While you are at it, look on Facebook for a local auction in your area you can list on.

  • Tips

Do you play in a band (or solo)? Ask a local family diner if you can sing and play the guitar during the dinner hour for no pay except tips. You can rake in some quick cash with that act.


  • Ghostwrite
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You can usually find gigs on Craigslist for writers of cookbooks looking                             

for someone to help them write recipes. They will tell you where to get them and your name is not used. This is a flat-fee (one time) assignment.

  • Apply at a local facility to show guests where their seats are located. You are given a safety vest, flashlight, and map to escort people to their seats. This takes someone in pretty good shape.


  • Writer

You can write articles for various sites that pay for guests post. You can write for different “content mills” who pay you to write articles which they post on different sites, linked back to their clients. Some of these sites pay pennies and others pay very well. How well you will do depends on how well you write and the company you pitch. Once you get this going, you can make a good living with freelance writing. You can then step out on your own and make much better money if you have the time.

  • Editor

Much like the writer, some content sites have openings for experienced editors. If you are very good with English, grammar, and spelling, this may be the job for you. You would have to be able to work well with people as you will be talking to (via computer) a variety of people each day.

Pay off debt

  • Reduce your debts

The best way to make money is to keep more money that you already earn. This is not a quick fix, but it is so important that we felt the need to include it. Make a budget and a plan. If you can work your debts down just a little each month, you will be much better off. Just not charging on credit cards so your payments will apply is a big step.

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There are many ways to make extra money. Here are a few more ideas:

  • College students may need help typing their papers or studying
  • Parents often need in-home childcare during spring and fall break or holiday break while they work.
  • Busy parents and senior citizens often request help shopping and wrapping gifts
  • Dog grooming, exercising, and walking pets
  • Helping kids with early education.
  • If it is near the holidays, wrapping gifts and putting up decorations.

The trick is to ask around and listen. If there is a problem, become the solution. Making $250.00 a week is not that hard if you put the time and effort into it. Start now preparing for tomorrow. You will be amazed at what is right in front of you.