Before construction for any type of structure begins, there is a set of prerequisites that you need to meet. More often than not, most people undermine some of the steps. However, in some places, this can mean breaking the law, which can result in a fine or even jail time.

So, how does one go about obtaining planning permission? Well, in this article, we will cover the steps involved during the process. At the end of the day, you want your construction project to sail smoothly. Below, we share what you need to obtain planning permission.

Site Survey and Design Meeting

Any construction consultant will need to make a site visit before you get the green light to commence your construction project. During that visit, they will inspect the area to see if it is fit for construction. You will also discuss the building’s design and review its feasibility. The consultants will provide you with any extra information depending on their findings. 

When submitting your formal application to the local authorities will need some documents. Among the documents needed are a detailed drawing and measurement specifications of the building. Your local construction consultant needs to review them before you submit your application.

Hiring a Planning Permission Consultant

If you’re planning to kickstart a construction project, especially in a major city, having a planning permission consultant at the beginning can be of great benefit. You can ask to get referrals from friends and family who have built a home in the recent past.

You can also ask your architect for leads. In addition, if you google for planning permission consultants in your area, you will surely come across some. One of the famous UK planning permission consultants is Humphreysandsons. The fees shouldn’t set you back as the services provided will be worth every single coin.

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Planning Permission Consultant

If you’re yet to construct a house, you probably haven’t heard about planning permission consultants before. Recently, local governments have reviewed the laws around construction in an attempt to ensure that buildings are safe and secure while meeting international standards.

As such, planning consultants will come in handy when you’re looking to get planning permissions. The bodies involved can sometimes be one too many depending on the type of project you’re doing. Planning permission consultants are conversant with the laws and regulations involved when you’re looking to obtain planning permission.

Bottom Line

Sometimes, things don’t go as expected, and the local authority may decline your planning permission request. So, what is the next step? This can very frustrating, not only because you have to go to the drawing board again, but because it will affect your project’s timeline.

Your planning permission consultant can also schedule an appeal. They will often review everything again and rectify areas with mistakes before making an appeal. This narrows down to ensuring you hire qualified consultants only. In summary, ensure that you do your research when planning to begin a construction project.