Are you one of the people who is excited rather than frightened by a world comprised of cryptocurrency users? The digital coins have already amassed quite a following, and all signs point to the possibility that many more adopters will be making themselves known in the near future. If cryptocurrency is still far from the point of societal saturation, as many believe, there exists the possibility for great growth in value. That might seem counterintuitive, considering that many crypto assets have already skyrocketed in value before flattening out in recent months. Yet the fact remains that we are still far from a world where all financial transactions are done with crypto. If that world exists one day, the coins will be worth far more than they are right now.

To get yourself ready for that hypothetical day, you should start building a portfolio of cryptocurrency assets. This is a far more confusing prospect than it once was, considering that there are hundreds of coins now available with more seemingly arriving on the horizon every single day. As a result, you might want to utilize some artificial intelligence to help you get through it all, which is where a trading robot in the manner of Bitcoin Loophole can help you out. Building a crypto portfolio can be done with a little research, some common sense, and a firm grasp of traditional investment principles.


  1. The Big Ones

When you are building a portfolio of any kind, it’s always a good idea to start with a foundation of blue-chip assets. In the Bitcoin world, the two biggest blue-chippers are Bitcoin and Ethereum. Bitcoin was the first and still has the most brand recognition, as well as the biggest market capitalization of all the coins. Ethereum is the most well-known of the so-called “alt-coins.” Having some exposure to these two coins is a good building block.

  1. The Potential Growers
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Once you have a firm foundation, you can afford to take some chances with your other picks. These would be the coins that might not be as well-known, which means they also should be cheaper to purchase. Having a smattering of these lesser-known entities in your investment basket gives you the chance of great growth over time, especially if one or two of these coins breaks out and joins some of the bigger names on the list.

  1. Other Tips

Be aware of liquidity issues when it comes to the coins that you purchase. You don’t want to have too many coins on hand that are difficult to get rid of when the time comes. In addition, you should always be wary of balancing out your portfolio. You don’t want to be too heavily exposed to one or two assets, and you should always consider recalibrating should one of your coins makes an extreme rise in value. You don’t want to suffer if a sudden correction comes.

Building a portfolio made up solely of cryptocurrency is more of a possibility now than it ever has been in the past. As with any kind of investment, try to mitigate the risks involved and make decisions based on sound evidence, and you should have a strong crypto basket in no time.