The Blue Collar Workforce is Invaluable

Blue collar jobs are an important driving force behind the development of every country. They work for the well-being of the economy, but their work is sometimes under-valued.  Blue collar jobs require specialization, skill to perform a certain task, but not much formal education as such. Jobs such as electrician, plumbing may require a state-certification.

Blue collar jobs are mostly manual jobs as opposed to office-based jobs. Blue collar employees are paid by the project or on hourly basis. Blue collar workers mostly work in industries like construction, manufacturing, technical installations, mining and more. 

Without the proper utilization of the skills of the blue-collar workers, organizations cannot meet their goals. A strong blue- collar workforce can enhance productivity and efficiency of any organization.  

Blue collar jobs have a wide range of pay scales that depend on the field of specialty and experience of the worker. Many jobs in this sector need highly driven and skilled workers. Research says that blue collar jobs are getting paid better than before now. This narrative article will give detailed description about some of the vital blue-collar jobs

Electrical Work

From a dentist to an architect, everybody needs electricity for their work. Most businesses are dependent on the Internet and digital technology. Your Smartphone needs to be charged electrically. There is no denying the fact that electrical job workers are required everywhere to install, inspect, repair and maintain equipment.

Also working with high voltage lines is dangerous. If a person is willing to try this and is trained adequately for this blue-collar job, he can get a decent salary.

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Nuclear Power Reactor Operation

This job includes operating and controlling nuclear reactors. This is a high paying job as it involves starting and stopping equipment, monitoring and adjusting controls. Their work determines the amount of electricity the reactor generates. They have to respond to abnormalities, identify the cause and take corrective steps. For this job at least a high school diploma is required. 

Elevator Repairing and Servicing

Elevator repairers and installers need to install, repair and maintain elevators, escalators etc. As they need to have the technical knowledge of installing and repairing, they are paid well. They have to often work in cramped spaces and machine rooms, have to be on call 24*7. New installation of elevators in various buildings and stores increases the demand for elevator installers and repairers.

Boiler Making and Installing

This job involves assembling, installing, maintaining and repairing boilers and other large vessels that can hold liquids and gases. They need to know to read blue prints to identify locations and positions of boiler parts. They also install small premade boilers in buildings and manufacturing units. This is a physically demanding job as they to mostly work in dark, cramped and poorly ventilated spaces. Boiler makers sometimes have to travel a lot to worksites and stay away from their families for extended time. 

A high school diploma is the minimum qualification required to learn through an apprenticeship program.

Aircraft Service

Trained technicians and mechanics who inspect and repair aircraft engines earn a good amount every year. These also include helicopter and aircraft engine specialists. They assess how worn out different components are to determine whether those parts need repairing or replacement. They’ll then organise the delivery of specific aircraft parts needed and look to resolve the issue at hand. General mechanics need to successfully complete the basic aircraft mechanics course. Specialized mechanics with better qualifications and experience earn more.

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Gas Plant Operations

A gas plant operator’s job is to supervise storage and distribution of gas to utility companies and others. He has to monitor equipment, check temperature, pressure, level etc. His other duties are controlling compressor, refrigeration unit; cleaning, maintaining and repairing equipment; record data. 

Again, a minimum of high school diploma is required. A 1 or 2 year education program from a technical school will prepare you better for career as a gas plant operator and a decent income.

Petrol Pump System and Refinery Operations

Petrol pump system operators control or operate petroleum refining units. Some operators specialize in controlling pumping systems, gauging oil in storage tanks and regulating the flow of oil in to the pipelines. A high school diploma helps you get the required apprenticeship training to become a refinery operator.

Pile Driver Operations

Pile driver operators are required on construction sites. This is a physically demanding job but pays well. Operators need to do strenuous work in adverse weather conditions as well. A good number of pile driver operators have irregular working hours. 

The pay scale depends on the experience. Employers train new hires at the sites, but it is better to learn at a vocational school or attend an apprenticeship program.

Blue collar workforce, work in both private and public sectors. The job growth for blue collar jobs looks promising. If you are interested in a well-paying blue collar job, you have many options to explore according to your skills.

Some of, if not all, the featured jobs require utmost care and safety, and it’s not surprising for the companies involved to drug-test prospective employees. It’s a critical aspect of job hunting that you need to prepare to pass. Your preparations can center on getting rid of the toxins such as those found in your hair.

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Armed with confidence and determination, show your future employers your qualifications. Good luck.