We’re living in a world where the lifestyles of the rich and famous are close enough to almost touch. Thanks to the likes of Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, we’re able to glimpse into how the stars live in the celebrity world unlike ever before. From day-to-day life to carefully orchestrated selfies, we’re able to devour their lifestyles in near-real time.

And doesn’t it always look so much better than what we have? The grass, it seems, isn’t just greener over there: it’s positively blossoming with happiness and contentment (at least on the surface). It’s little wonder then that studies have shown that more than 25 per cent of millennials would quit their job for fame.

Still, until the barrier is breached, and fame finally finds us, we don’t have to settle for the mundane. Get some practice in and start living the celebrity lifestyle — on a regular budget.


A key aspect of celebrity life is their exercise trends and regimes. After all, with the camera constantly pointed in your direction, you need to look on top form. So, getting into a healthy exercise routine every day can certainly help you experience the celebrity lifestyle — it’s also a huge health boost too, so it’s certainly not a waste of time or money.

Some top celebrity-style fitness regimes include yoga, Soul Cycle, and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Bar the Soul Cycle, you don’t even need to spend a penny to pursue these exercise regimes either — YouTube has a plethora of free yoga and HIIT videos you can follow. Plus, whenever a new trend shows up, following it at home with save those pennies. Again, YouTube will quickly have plenty of videos for any of the latest exercise trends.

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After that hard work, you get to pamper yourself too. This isn’t just a lavish celebrity-style expense either; it’s all about self-care and relaxation, so it’s definitely good for you!

Whether you decide to save up to splash out on your very own taste of stardom with a Beckham-style summer house in your back garden kitted out with its own spa, or simply book a monthly visit to your local massage parlour, this isn’t a celebrity trend that needs to break the bank.

Clever dining

Take your #foodie Instagram photos to the next level with a trip to a celebrity-loved dining spot: without paying the eye-watering price tag. The trick is to book a reservation at lunchtime — one, it’s usually easier to get a lunchtime reservation compared to dinner. Two, most restaurants run a set lunch menu, which in turn, often runs cheaper due to smaller portions. It’s the perfect chance to get a literal taste of celebrity dining, while still providing those all-important social media shots.

Fashion and makeup

If you’re going out to lunch, you want to look your best. The best part is you don’t need to splash out on a salon trip every other week to maintain this, well, high-maintenance look. Cosmetology schools are often seeking hair or make-up models for their students to practice on, with the prices for these treatments normally heavily reduced.

The students are often watched over by a supervisor, so there’s nothing to worry about either — you get to attend a regular salon-level treatment session without the price tag!

As for fashion, there’s two major options to consider. The first is to buy quality staple items that will see you though years to come and can elevate other basic items: think a well-tailored suit or black dress. You can pour some serious money into either of these and dress them up or down as needed to ensure you always look your best. Trends can be bought cheaply, but timeless pieces need to be high-quality, perfectly fitting garments.

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On the other side, online charity shops life Oxfam sometimes have celebrity-donated clothes sneaking up on their rails! Take a look at their Shwop Shop or type “celebrity donated” into their search bar to see what’s hidden away.

These are some of the savviest ways you can feel like a celebrity, even if your bank account isn’t yet ready to deliver a full Hollywood experience just yet…