Everyone wants to make money. Money equals power. With enough money, you can style your life the way you want to, without taking guff from bosses or any other corporate overlords. The problem is, it is rather hard to accrue enough money to do that with tying yourself to a corporate desk for a few decades.


Good jobs are hard to come by. And hard to keep. You need to please your masters at every turn, with very little power or agency over your life and career. That is why striking out on your own might be the best option for your bank account and your sanity.


Day trading can be your way out. You can make a living day trading. Even though many see it as a risky and volatile business, you can make real profits if you put in the time and get educated with a real site. There are day trading education sites out there that can give you the strategies and techniques you need to be successful. It is up to you to learn them and implement them.


Making money at day trading is possible, but it will not happen overnight. This is not some get-rich-quick scheme here. The gist is that you need to spend time learning and studying day trading strategies in order to get good enough to make real profits.


Now, keep in mind the rewards are real. There is a story floating around day trading circles about a veteran trader that started with just over $500 in a brokerage account and ended up with over $100,000 just 44 trading days later. And that story is true. It all started with a little spark from some talented interactive brokers.

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Now, there are some things you need to be aware of if you want to be a day trader. Day trading gains get taxed by the IRS at the normal income rate, instead of the long-term capital gains rate, which is much lower. You need to account for that when you begin day trading, so you understand just how much profit you are going to take home, post-taxes.


Volatility is your friend. That is a much different outlook from a long-term, buy-and-hold investor in the mold of Warren Buffett. Those types look at the overall, long-term viability of the business and how it might have a competitive edge in its market. Day traders do not look at the game like that. High spikes during a single day are good for day traders. Provided they can get in on the ground floor and sell before the inevitable fall.


And you need to divorce yourself from the outcome. Emotional trading is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes trades go bad. The key to making money over the long term is creating a concrete set of rules for each trader and following those rules. As long as the rules/strategies are good, you are going to win out over the long haul. No need to get flustered with every little trade that goes bad.


Figuring out these rules can be time-consuming and resource-heavy process. That is why finding a day trading education site like Warrior Trading, full of veteran trading instructors that have been through the ringer and learned all the best techniques is so crucial for a novice trader. You can learn from their experience. You don’t have to make the same mistakes and take the same losses that they did.

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And once you get your time in as a day trading student, all Warrior Traders are compelled to spend time in a day trading simulator. This paper trading simulator allows you to trade at the speed of the real market, but in a simulated environment with virtual currency. You can make all the mistakes you want and learn from them. You will not be risking your hard earned cash. The general rule for students going through Warrior Trading’s curriculum is that you need to make $200 per day in profits, consistently, for a month, before you get out into the real market.


That is where you will get your start. If you can hit $200 a day in profits, that is $52,000 a year. A nice living, but not a salary that will get you to financial independence. They key is to start out with that and build up your skills to the point where you are making great profits every day and every week. That is where you make it to the next level as a day trader.