Marketing a small business in an economy that’s wildly unpredictable and caught in the throws of snap lockdowns is not easy. Now, more than ever, business owners have to find new ways of gaining consumer trust and standing out. Here are five simple steps to effectively market your small business in any economy: 

  1. Get Social

Social media marketing is about more than just creating a business page and posting regularly. When done correctly, social media can become your most powerful tool for creating brand recognition and turning customers into loyal followers. After building up your presence, you can garner excitement about new services or product launches by running competitions with branded promotional products and gift packages as prizes. This is just one of many great methods you can use, so get creative, and don’t be shy about making your presence known on social media. 

  1. Get Involved In Your Industry

It’s important to make your brand known in the industry as well. If you’re offering a plumbing service, get involved in community discussions around water-saving and other relevant points of discussion. If you’re a clothing manufacturer, position yourself at the forefront of the shift toward sustainability. Chair round table meetings, start discussions, invite other professionals to join the conversation. This gets you seen, heard, and respected. Getting involved gives people confidence that you have a genuine interest in the community, making them more inclined to support you. 

  1. Get Out More

Networking groups give you a chance to connect with other business owners in a non-competitive setting. Some of the top networking organizations only allow one person from a professional niche or service to attend, giving you room to share your professional knowledge and establish yourself as an industry expert. 

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When attending networking events, you’re not there to sell to the other attendees. You’re there to gain trust so they will refer their own clients and contacts to you. This is why following up after a networking event is so important. The meetings lay the groundwork, but the relationships that lead to business have to be nurtured independently. 

  1. Try Other Forms Of Outreach

Getting articles published on third-party sites is a great way to develop a reputation as an authority in your niche. You can hire an agency to handle this for you or you can check out some of the free sites out there that help you create articles, send them out to the relevant publications, and get them published on platforms like Forbes and HuffPost. The trick to getting published lies in writing non-promotional content that gives ordinary readers great insight into your field. 

  1. Enter The Charity Circuit

Helping others is a great way to get noticed by the local community. If your business is online, take your charity work online too. The key to making the service of others profitable lies in donating your services or products. You want a chance to display your capabilities to other businesses that may also be doing charity work. If the charity publicly acknowledges you, this will display and endorse your products or services and attract more business

Get Your Business Booming

Generating leads is hard work, and when you’re running a small business, the marketing alone can start to feel like a full-time job. If your ideas are not yielding the traffic your business needs, consider getting in touch with a marketing and web design agency for a strategy adjustment. This way, you’ll have a professional online presence and a clear course of action for t

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