If you’re planning to file a divorce, you need to budget well after being psychologically ready for the process. Do you know how much you’ll spend filing for a divorce in Australia? Several factors will determine the price you’ll pay for this process. So don’t expect the amount a friend paid to be the one you’ll pay.

However, be ready with divorce fees that you’ll pay to the court when filing for an application. The rest will depend on other factors like paying a lawyer or the divorce situation. To understand more about this, read on.

How Much Does A Divorce Cost?

If you are filing for divorce in NSW, be ready to spend $930, revised in 2020. This cost doesn’t include everything, so budget with extra cash. What makes the cost of divorce in Australia be expensive is additional expenses like daily hearings and initiating application fees.

Initiating an application fee that entails parenting and financial support will cost you $530. But there’s an additional interim order application that costs $250, so you’ll require $715 for this.

If both partners have financial challenges, you may pay fewer application fees. However, you have to make a joint application.

If you opt for initiating an application that includes parenting or financial, final it’ll cost you $360. The interim order application for this option is $125, so you’ll need $485 as filing fees. (these costs are for the federal circuit court of Australia)

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Note that If you go to family court, the costs are not the same as the above. Also, both courts don’t accept cash payment, so use various cashless methods available.

The total cost of divorce in Australia will also include the following;

• Cost of moving to a new house after separation.

• If you have kids below 18 years, you’ll budget for their expenses. You can either use formal or informal agreements to get a common ground for your kid’s daily expenses.

• You’ll also need money to negotiate property settlement. You can file a separate application to the court and get your property settlement within 12 months after the divorce order starts working.

• Lawyer’s fees if you opt for them. The cost might be higher or low, depending on the nature of your divorce case.

If you consider all the above factors, you’ll have a rough estimate of how much you’ll spend on the whole process. Still, asking how much does a divorce cost in Australia? Calculate and get a rough estimate.

Brekaup marriage couple with divorce certification

How to Get A Divorce in Australia?

If you want to know how to get a divorce in Australia, be ready to follow the process. First, apply for the divorce if you’re an Australian citizen and it’s your permanent home or has been living there for at least 12 months. If you don’t know how to apply for divorce in Australia, use a lawyer. After that, there’s a procedure which you need to follow, it can take months. You’ll have to wait for one month after following the right procedure on how to get divorce in Australia for the court to issue your certificate.

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For your divorce to be successful, you need to have separated for a minimum of 12 months.

Note that filing for divorce in NSW doesn’t help you in the property division. If you want the settlement of your property file for a different application.


If you’re filing for a divorce, be ready to spend both money and time. Use the right procedures and be patient as filing for a divorce takes time.