Unfortunately for many, sometimes family matters and money simply don’t mix. While the ideal family unit should be a source of support and understanding it’s an unfortunate fact of life that legal complications and disputes over finances can arise. Many marriages end in divorce and situations such as the failure of a long-term relationship will sometimes need the advice of a legal expert to navigate.

On the bright side, a quality family lawyer can provide assistance with lighter legal subjects too. They have the skills and knowledge needed to help happy families build a solid financial future for themselves and assist with adoption processes. For a variety of reasons, consulting a local family attorney can make a big difference. Let’s explore the situations where having a family lawyer in your pocket might be a worthwhile idea.

Hiring local is beneficial

Before unpacking which legal family situations can benefit from the expertise of a family lawyer, it’s important to first understand why contacting an attorney who understands the local family laws in your state is valuable. If a family living in Florida consults a lawyer who’s only familiar with California state family law, they probably won’t get the best possible advice.

For that Floridian family, a quality family lawyer in Florida would be a much better choice. Why? Because local family lawyers understand the fine details and intricacies of a state’s court procedures and family laws better. Plus, they are also more likely to be familiar with the preferences and quirks of local judges. These local understandings can be very helpful when a case is being presented.

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The ability to talk to a family lawyer face-to-face is also a massive advantage for families going through sensitive legal matters. When a family can talk to a lawyer directly, communication becomes easier and a lawyer can get a fuller idea of what help is required more quickly. When trickly legal situations involving kids and custody are time sensitive, this perk is difficult to overstate.

What can family lawyers assist with?

When most people think of family lawyers, their first thought will probably involve divorce or the breakdown of a relationship. These assumptions aren’t incorrect. Even though divorce rates in the US are trending downwards, a large number of marriages do end up failing.

Family lawyers are often called in to help couples navigate and finalize divorce proceedings, especially when children are involved. But besides divorce, what situations call for a family lawyer?

Custody disputes

If a partnership breaks down, who ends up looking after the children? This is a question that family lawyers can help families answer. Even outside of a divorce, disagreements about child custody can happen and be highly emotional. A lawyer can advocate for a parent’s rights, ensure custody decisions prioritize the wellbeing of the children caught in the middle, and represent a parent’s interests when necessary.

Domestic Abuse

Not all families are loving and safe. In the unfortunate times when a family member is being mistreated mentally or physically, a family lawyer can help the vulnerable party. They can guide a person through the process of obtaining a restraining order and guide individuals through the divorce or legal separation process.

Planning for the future

Family lawyers don’t only deal with the end of a relationship. They can also help families protect and safeguard their financial interests at the start of a marriage. These specialized attorneys can and often do assist with drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These documents can protect the financial security and assets of individuals looking to get married.

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The decision to adopt a child isn’t a simple one. The entire process surrounding adoption can be incredibly complicated. Family lawyers understand the process and can help couples navigate every legal hurdle and all the paperwork step from start to finish. They can also be a source of emotional support and guidance throughout an adoption journey.


If an aging family member becomes unable to care for themselves independently, sometimes it’s necessary to consult a lawyer who knows how and when to establish guardianship or conservatorship. A lawyer can help assess a person’s capacity to care for themselves or their finances through a range of evaluations and tests.

Seeking assistance quickly

If a family believes that they might need the services of a quality local family lawyer, they shouldn’t wait around too long before deciding to seek legal counsel. Legal issues relating to domestic issues, challenges and disputes can become more complicated over time, so an initial consultation is usually worth the effort.

A chat with a specialized attorney can help individuals understand their rights, explore their options and figure out which actions to take depending on the situation. Remember, a family lawyer is there to protect their client’s interests, advocate for their needs and ensure families can get a fair and legal resolution for their issues. If a person is unsure whether the services of this kind of lawyer will help them, it doesn’t hurt to reach out for a discussion.