Secret Santa is a fantastic concept. It allows everyone to get a single worthwhile gift rather than a handful of underwhelming ones. But what if you’re unlucky, and you’re drawn a name that you’re unsure of. Perhaps you don’t know the person all that well, or perhaps they simply have obscure and mysterious tastes.

Well, worry not, because there are certain gifts that are appropriate for just about anyone. Let’s assess a few of the leading candidates.

Copper Drinking Straws

Certain drinks, like milkshakes, are difficult to imbibe without the aid of a straw. But traditional plastic straws harm the environment, and those paper ones don’t taste all that fantastic. Step forward the metal re-usable straw.

Charging Hubs

Nowadays, we’re carrying around more battery-powered devices than ever. Wireless headphones, watches, phones – wouldn’t it be convenient if there were a place that they could be charged all together? Fortunately, such charging stations do exist.


Socks require no explanation; everyone needs them, and everyone appreciates them as a gift, especially when you get a little older.


On the other hand, a pair of warming, fuzzy slippers are sure to go down well, especially if you’re shopping for someone that’s working from home. Those winter mornings are sure to be that little bit more bearable with the help of a pair of quality feet-warmers.


If you buy someone a set of chocolates, then you can be reasonably sure that it’ll go down well – and that the treats that aren’t appreciated will be handed around the house. If you have an idea of their specific tastes, then you can be more surgical; for a certain sort of person, a marzipan fruits chocolate set is a sure-fire hit.

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Gym Gear

It’s easy to inadvertently offend people when you’re buying them fitness equipment. But if you already know that someone would have been hitting the gym regularly were it not for repeated lockdowns and social-distancing measures, then a set of push-up bars are a sure winner.

Candles & Soap

Anything that smells good and can be re-used is almost guaranteed to be used and appreciated. Candles and soap both fall into this category. Go for crowd-pleasing scents like rose and lavender, unless you have a specific idea as to their tastes.


If you’re shopping for someone with a particular hobby, then a voucher for a subscription with Masterclass, Udemy, Skillshare, or any of the other educational sites out there is certain to help them take their skillset to the next level. And who doesn’t want that?