Ten Best Paying Jobs in the Market


There are indefinite numbers of professions in the market, in which you can pursue for your future. The selection of your business mainly depends on your capability, interest, and determination. In this article, we’ll discuss the top ten best paying all over the world. If you want to earn well, you need to be patient, determined, hardworking and dedicated towards that profession.

Demand for Skilled Personnel

To keep yourself out of the crowd and earn a high salary that can give you a luxurious life, it is very important to have proper skills and talent for the field in which you have an interest. The demand for skilled and talented personnel is increasing day by day. These days people have skills, but these skills are outdated and not up to the mark of improving technology and dynamic business environment. If you’ve sufficient skills and talent, those skills must be capable enough to cope up with a dynamic business environment. With proper skills and knowledge, making sure that you are well updated and acknowledged about the technology and the business environment, respectively. 

The Need for Qualification

We need qualifications because they make our skills visible. With the qualification only people confidently assume that you have got skills and a proper understanding of that particular field. Qualifications matter a lot; it is a chance for you that help in proving your interest and skills. When you get a degree, you gain skills, experience, and knowledge that help in giving a push to your profession and your career as well.

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Ten Best Paying Jobs

These are the highest-Paying jobs in the world. If you’re looking for some inspiration, then this is for you.

1. Anaesthesiologist: Unlike surgeons, anesthesiologists are trained physicians, who are mainly specialized in preoperative care. They play a very important role in the surgical process. They ensure that they receive gets the proper dosage of anesthesia and correct care. The potential salary of anaesthesiologist in different countries is $192,000 (UK), C$408,000 (Canada) and $411,000 (US).

2. Surgeon: This is one of the most highly regarded medical professions. Surgeons carry out a lot of responsibilities and tasks. This includes performing surgical procedures, checking in with patients’ post-operation and preoperative diagnoses and several tests. The potential salary of Surgeons in different countries is C$180,000 (Canada) and $496,000 (US).

3. Physician: The two categories of physicians are- specialist physicians and general physicians. These physicians mainly focus on clinical medicines, rare disease and the simplest, cold. The potential salary of physicians in different countries is C$252,000 (Canada) and $227,000 (US).

4. Orthodontist: They’re mainly specialized in aligning teeth, fixing crooked smiles and treating dental disorders. Firstly, they examine the patients and then fit them with the suitable retainers and braces, which eventually helps the patients to adjust the structure of their jaw and teeth. Dentists and Orthodontists experience the same training procedure. The potential salary of orthodontists in different countries is C$245,000 (Canada) and $304,000 (US).

5. Dentist: This professional comes under the top 5 best-paying jobs in the world. Well, the jobs in the dentistry field are experiencing increasing growth and demand. The role of the dentist is pretty easy, advises the patients to take good dental care, diagnoses and treats the dental problems that help in proper dental hygiene. The potential salary of a dentist in different countries is C$206,000 (Canada) and $213,000 (US).

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6. CEO: There is a reason why CEOs get paid so well and are so much in demand. Well, the reason is their role that requires a diverse set of different skills which includes good communication and leadership, efficient decision-making and management skills. Becoming a successful CEO is not an easy task you need to have proper dedication and determination. The potential salary of a CEO is $310,000 (US) and C$259,000 (Canada).

7. Engineering Manager: The main role of the engineering manager is to work with a diverse team, communicate with clients and supervise different projects. You not only need a highly experienced professional but also someone who possess a variety of other important skills. The potential salary of an Engineering manager in different countries is C$109,000 (Canada) and $149,000 (US).

8. IT Systems Manager: IT Managers play an important part in every business model. The main role of the IT manager is to protect office networks from malware and hackers. Some of the other responsibilities of the IT manager are to resolve any technical issues that may happen and maintain software and hardware with regular updates in the technology. The potential salary of IT System managers in different countries is C$121,000 (Canada) and $127,000 (US).

9. Corporate Lawyer: If you want to pursue law go for specialization in the field of corporate law. This career is not only an exciting career but makes you earn high. Corporate lawyers are mainly legal business advisers. The main job or corporate lawyers is to counsel a business on their responsibilities and legal rights. They mainly handle legal issues such as ownership, employment, contract, and liability. The potential salary of a corporate lawyer in different countries is C$152,000 (Canada) and $240,000 (US)

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10. Marketing Manager: The role of the marketing manager is quite straight-forward. Though, it consists of many responsibilities and tasks as well. This includes managing employees, analyzing marketing campaigns, monitoring budget and creating new promotional strategies for services and products. Hardworking and charismatic marketing managers have the potential & willingness to earn a high income while performing their work efficiently. The average salary of a marketing manager is $99,000 (US), C$87,000 (Canada).   


Experience, willingness, and great efforts are the key elements that can make you earn a high income. InvestoTrend will provide you with all the information regarding this. No career is a career for you, go where your interest and potential lies, though you can get inspiration from these careers to get paid well. Getting a bachelor’s degree related to the field in which you want to pursue is a great start. The most important factor that can get you paid well.