Whether you are a teen deciding which career path to pursue or are considering a vast change in your career trajectory as an adult, it is worth it to see which jobs tend to pay well. There are certainly other factors to consider, such as whether the requirements of the job mesh well with your personality. Information for these jobs was taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and as of 2018, these are some of the highest paying jobs you can find around Austin, Texas.

1. Surgeons and Physicians

These professionals have a lot of duties dedicated to the overall well-being of patients. They need to review exams to find any abnormalities, recommend treatment plans and address any concerns patients have regarding their health. There is a high demand for surgeons in Texas with around 18,000 of them being employed in the state. The annual mean wage for this profession is $212,840.


2. Engineering and Architectural Managers

The way to become an engineering manager is to obtain a bachelor’s degree at the minimum and to acquire a good deal of hands-on work experience. When applying for this position, you should be prepared to coordinate the work of all staff members, ensure staff’s work is accurate and propose budgets for upcoming programs. The median annual wage for engineering managers is $137,720. However, some managers can make upwards of $200,000 with enough experience.

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3. Petroleum Engineers

There is a lot of oil in Texas, and petroleum engineers are compensated handsomely for their work. They typically develop and design ways to extract gas and oil from the Earth. They may also need to discover new ways to get those materials from older wells that may have fallen behind on their dividends. Recently, these professionals had a median annual wage of $132,280.

4. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists need to complete medical school, but once they receive the proper training, they specialize in treating and diagnosing mental illness. The annual mean wage for psychiatrists in Texas is $209,370. Austin jobs hiring want to make sure they get the best people in the area, so before applying, you need to make sure you have all the credentials to excel in the position right away.

5. Marketing and Advertising Managers

Marketing managers have numerous responsibilities at their places of work. They work with various department heads to discuss everything from marketing plans to budgets. They also plan ad campaigns, evaluate the feel and look of the company’s website and directing the hiring of marketing staff members. Throughout the United States, the median annual wage for ad managers is $106,130.

6. Compensation and Benefits Managers

Benefits managers have the important duty of directing how employees are paid and how they receive various benefits. They are responsible for ensuring all of the business’ benefits and payments follow state and federal regulations. They work with the CEO to create program budget and work to keep all expenses within that budget. This job has a median annual wage of $119,120 around the country. Now that you know which jobs pay the most, you have an idea of what steps you can take to attain those positions.

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